Least Expensive Condo Downtown Bellevue

With all of the real estate hype going on right now in Seattle we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the least expensive condominium in downtown Bellevue. According to the MLS listings on Redfin a $269,900 condominium at Belle Arts on 118 107th Ave NE is the lowest priced downtown Bellevue condo on the market. The condo is a studio and comes equipped with 640 square feet and one bathroom. There is also a balcony overlooking the west side view of Lake Washington.

The homeowner’s dues for the association are $276 per month.

Visit the website listing for more information on the property.

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  1. This is a nice little unit but at 100+ days on the market not a great deal. It might be the lowest price but it is not the cheapest at over $420 a square foot.

  2. Not sure why we’re letting developers build such cheap little places. Better to set a minimum $500k for unit price to help keep the poors out.

  3. Hoping that the above comment is snark.

  4. @Rob – with a name of ‘anon’ Im sure its some D-Bag. I hope not but we shall see if he responds and clarifies. You know he’s watching this thread!


  5. Rob and Scriven – written like a typical poor.

  6. I agree with Vikram. Although this is the lowest priced condo in Downtown Bellevue currently on the market, with $420 per sq ft, there are more options out there. Go north just 3 miles into Kirkland and there are condos that are affordable for around $315 per sq ft, and even in Seattle, where the supply of condos is bigger, you can land a nice one bedroom for the same price.
    Considering Bellevue is still growing and demand is high, this could be seen as a good investment.