Bartell Drugs Store Remodel Bellevue Downtown

The Bartell Drugs store in Downtown Bellevue next to QFC, according to city records has plans to remodel and expand their store.  The store’s remodel includes a full tenant remodel with about 5,600 square foot expansion to the existing store. The exterior of the store will include permeant historical artwork adjacent to pedestrian walkways.

Additionally there are proposed modifications to the parking lot including new stall striping and new improved landscaping. For more information on the remodel and expansion view the documents filed with the City of Bellevue.


  1. I don’t like this one bit, it just means that we’re going to have a nasty parking lot and underbuilt site for decades longer. This should be a 10+ story building.

  2. this is terrific news. i’ve always enjoyed their wide selection of greeting cards.