imageSports Authority has plans to close all of their stores across the nation according to a filing in bankruptcy court. Stores including the Bellevue Way location will close by August 31st. The Sports Authority Outdoor store within the parking lot will also close.

Going-out-of-business sales will start on May 25th.

The Bellevue store at 44 Bellevue Way NE will leave a large vacancy in downtown Bellevue. What would you like to see go into the space?


  1. Krispy Kreme

  2. This is terribly sad…I have appreciated knowing that all my sporting needs were met by Sports Authority…
    It is a large space…Target would be a great addition.

  3. We need an Eataly. That’s where it should go.

  4. Tear it down and build some more density

  5. We need good Seattle coffeshops there like Cafe Lladro or Vivace. Pretty Please!

  6. I´d love to see a Walmart in downtown…

  7. Sanjay Mavinkurve

    I would also love to see a Walmart or Target downtown!

  8. Vulcan quietly bought the mall property next door (jimmy johns, pogacha, etc.) Three apartment properties just opened at/near Belleue Way and Main, with a fourth to come where the GReen THeory store sits. Two towers and a hotel in construction/open at the SOMA site. There is lots of density coming. This is a unique opportunity to use a large space for something, there are thousands of SF of smaller commercial lots coming online now. Big box retail would be good and transit-oriented, but not necessarily fitting with the image.

  9. Definitely need more density here, and to remove that horrendously ugly surface parking lot.

    Needs to be a big box retail base with 2-3 towers above with 500-600 units at least, preferably 1000+

  10. Please no walmart, if anything a city target. Target would put the new CVS accross the street out of business. They could even split the space up and put two good size cool things in there. I would like an Ace Hardware or McLendons.

  11. How about a Dicks sporting goods?

  12. A club!! This city is so dead!! No need for yet another mall. Let’s bring some life to bellevue. Some fun bars and a club would what’s needed.

  13. ^Club’s are lame once you pass 25. No thanks.

  14. Tiphanie Tenold-Jordan

    I agree with you Bob, we need some kind of night life here in Bellevue other then restaurants and basic bars. Anon, you don’t have to go

  15. that’s fine, I’m not opposed to one opening.