Customers have received notice that David Barton Gym will close their gym doors at the New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago and Bellevue locations. The customer communications went out via email, and has also been spotted outside of the gym doors. According to the David Barton Gym website the Los Angeles and Las Vegas gyms will remain open.

The customer communication cites “competitive market conditions” as the reason for the closure.

David Barton Gym in Bellevue opened in September 2009 at The Bravern. The company has struggled in the past filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2011. The closure will leave The Bravern with another large occupancy. In November Sur La Table also announced it would close their Bravern location at the end of the year.


  1. So sad?I’ve been a member since year 2. Terrible how they did it. They didn’t even send the email to the trainers and staff nor did they tell them.

  2. Any trainers looking for a new home please contact me at [email protected]

  3. Wondering how I’ll get a refund considering I did a pay-in-advance option through July 2017…. Email sent to the Manager. Hope I hear back soon.

  4. I did the same thing – paid in June for a year. I feel awful for the employees…and I’d like my money back too.

  5. This should be a lesson to all that consider paying for anything in advance. Most people learned this several years ago when many companies were forced to close. This can happen to any company at any time. It is standard procedure for companies to not give warnings. Sad but that is reality.

  6. I’m a member of the Limelight gyn in New York. I just prepaid for two additional years and have 15 training sessions left. How will I get reimbursed? Help!

    cell. 646.456.8843

  7. The writing was on the wall: How could any business model work where a “gym” has such large square footage, in the highest rent building, in one of the highest rent areas (Bellevue), and was never very crowded? Add to that the staff (not the trainers) didnt care about anything, was a revolving door, and clearly didnt even workout themselves. None of them “looked better naked”. On the other hand, Iron Works Gym is 1/3 the price, has more equipment, been in busienss for 35 years, and a staff that is into it! I should have never left.