W Bellevue Hotel - Lincoln Square South
W Bellevue Hotel – Lincoln Square South

W Bellevue at Lincoln Square expansion has officially opened its doors for business, and after a tour through the building it’s clear that this will be the hottest spot in Bellevue for some time.

The theme of the hotel is a modern take on the traditional lake house. The theme is most apparent on “The Porch” and within the “W Living Room” where you can find swings, a large fireplace and comfortable sofas.

“W Bellevue has surprises around every corner. From the original street art adorning our walls, to the co-ed WC, guests can expect the unexpected,” said Matt Van Der Peet, General Manager, W Bellevue. “Every element of the hotel has been carefully designed with a nod to the rich tradition and culture that this city is built upon. W Bellevue injects a fresh new perspective and amplifies these elements through beverage, food and the witty and bold lens of the W brand that loyalists have come to know and love.”

The hotel is not just intended for out of town guests. DJs will be spinning on weekends, and a regular events schedule will attract locals, too. The Lakehouse restaurant by Chef Jason Wilson has also opened its doors for business (more on this later). If you’re looking for a drink there are several great spots, including W Living Room, the bar, as well as Civility & Unrest, a speakeasy-inspired lounge that’s hidden on the ground level floor.

The hotel has 220 guest rooms and 25 suites. The “Extreme WOW Suite” is just what it sounds like. It’s over the top, like no other penthouse in the Seattle region.

Explore the hotel below…

Check out this comprehensive and immersive mural on the grand level floor. It’s an incredible way to enter the hotel.
The entrance to Civility & Unrest (a speakeasy lounge) is hidden somewhere on this ground floor. Can you find it?
Another extensive mural and another special place to enjoy a cocktail.
It’s had to tell via the photos, but the different spaces flow very nicely together while still creating intimacy within each space.
“The Porch”: An outdoor covered lounge. This is going to be a great outdoor destination all year long.
Mural covered garage – and yes the garage goes up, which reveals another bar!
Something tells me that this is going to be a popular place to get married.
The gym is breathtaking, and this picture only captures half of the entire gym. It’s one of the largest, and most extravagant hotel gyms I’ve ever seen.
The iconic oversized W outside the hotel
The suites are sweet.
Don’t expect any privacy while you’re taking a shower.
This suite has three different distinct areas: the bar, the lounge, and the bedroom.
They used a lot of metallic silvers and pops of maroon or dark pink in the rooms.
Arguably one of the best things about staying at a W Hotel is the Bliss body products. Who hasn’t taken an extra one from the cleaners carts?
That’s a sweet mirror in a suite.
Extreme WOW Suite: “Clothing optional” enough said.
Extreme WOW Suite: Comes equipped with a card table. What more would you want?
One neat thing about the hotel are that there are so many suites, making for a lot of different floor plans.
It’s the little touches! Kemper + Betty #wallpaper
#12s unite! I think I even saw a “Seattle Sux” in there, too.
Another suite layout.
Get ready, this place is going to come alive during the weekends.
With the roof angling the whole space feels cozy, but don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself.
The bathroom is a trip! There are separate doors for men and women, yet the lead to the same bathroom. Just check it out for yourself.
The Library. I’d suggest doing anything other than quiet studying in this room. #loudmusic
Lake house theme
W Bellevue is open for business


  1. Awesome tour documentation. Will check it out next week!

  2. Great photo tour! I missed the gym and garage door/bar when I was there, nicely done!

  3. Carmela deGrasse

    I’ll be there this weekend, can’t hardly wait to see the incredible design. What Design firm did the interiors?

  4. HKS did the interiors!

  5. Carmela deGrasse

    Do you know which HKS location did the interior design?

  6. HKS Dallas…the headquarters

  7. Why were the previous comments deleted? That architecture firm did the design and I was part of the architecture team.

  8. Matt, congratulations, wish I had the words to describe what you and your team did @ the W. Never been so amused, engaged, shocked, and drawn to a place all @ once. Can’t wait to go back.

  9. @Matt, nothing has been deleted. Not sure what you’re referring to.