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Parlor Live, located on the third floor of Lincoln Square North in Bellevue, is permanently closed.

According to an employee at Lucky Strike in Bellevue, Parlor Live is closed and the event that was supposed to take place at that venue tonight, “The Great Love Debate”, has been moved to Lucky Strike. Vir Das, who was also scheduled to perform at the Parlor on May 9th, has been moved to the Neptune Theatre. All future events that were scheduled for the venue have been canceled.

As reported by the band Nite Wave, who was scheduled to perform at the venue on Saturday, the Parlor was experiencing “top level drama” between landlord and tenant and was indeed shutting down. It happened unexpectedly and the last day of business was on April 15.

Parlor Live opened at Lincoln Square in 2005. In 2016, they filed for bankruptcy and new owners took over.

A new tenant has been secured for this location, according to a representative for The Bellevue Collection.

Phone calls and emails to Parlor Live have been unanswered.


  1. I am sad for what happened to the Parlor. I used to be the office manager for over a year until a new partner joined and start firing people and putting new policies, obviously it did not work for the Parlor.

  2. I’m glad that they are gone. Too expensive, even for Bellevue. To noisy for that space (I work upstairs). One time I had really bad alopecia at the time and used a hat to cover it (fedora). Staff told me to remove it. I told them the situation, and they said sorry, but that was their policy. No compassion at all. Oh, the DJ was wearing a backward ball cap. So yeah, glad they are gone.

  3. vir Das is due tomorrow April 19. I have tickets for the show and have no clue what’s going on with that. I am trying to connect the venue but no luck. Basically how do I get a refund?

  4. Benjamin S. Tremain

    I wasn’t expecting the closure of the Parlor to come so quickly like this. They definetly had many great comedians perform there, from what I could find of the acts they had advertised as scheduled to perform there on other promo, & ticket selling type web pages.