Nordstrom Grill is returning to Bellevue Square Nordstrom due to consistent customer feedback, according to the store manager at Nordstrom Bellevue, Laura Best. The space became available when it was announced in July that the restaurant, Department Bento, was closing.

The Grill is set to open in mid-November. It will include a full bar and and many of the fan favorites that were on the previous menu.

Nordstrom Grill, located on the second level, closed in March 2018 and received a large amount of feedback from disappointed customers. While the Grill was preparing to close, it was announced that Tom Douglas and Nordstrom were partnering to open Douglas’ first Eastside restaurant, Department Bento.

The quick-serve restaurant offered Japanese bento-boxes that were customizable with protein, rice and pickled vegetables. Beverages were also available like sake slushies, Japanese sodas and iced coffee. Department Bento was able to seat up to 70 people. It was designed by Seattle-based Graham Baba Architects and featured custom watercolor wall graphics by Acrylicize.

Nordstrom Bellevue offers other food and beverage options, like Marketplace Cafe, Habitant, EBar and Espresso Bar.


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That is great news!!

  3. Finally someone listened. Yea. How you could cut the cord on a successful restaurant that we have been mourning the loss of. Of all my 6 grandchildren the grill was the favorite place. There are enough Asian food places & my kids have their favorites but Tom Douglas restaurant was not going to be able to compete. Can’t wait to frequent our old standby. Thanks for listening

  4. I am glad that the Nordstrom Grill is returning. While my family and I enjoy Asian cuisine and have frequented many of Tom Douglas’ restaurants this was just something that didn’t ever make sense to me. Having a cup of Crab Bisque and a glass of wine for a late lunch after a day of holiday shopping was almost ritual-like for us. I’m looking forward to having that experience again. Thank you, Nordstrom, for listening and hearing your fan base.

  5. Such exciting news to have it back! Can’t wait! Bring back the staff too!

  6. Thank you Thank you
    Great memories in the grill.

  7. This is the best news ever from Nordstrom. My friends and I have missed The Grill. It was our “ go to” all occasion happy place.

  8. Now they just need to bring back the original burger!

  9. The Grill was an instant hit and so very popular through the years. Why on earth would they close it? All these new replacements in these Nordsrrom stores need to go somewhere else. The Grill has the best food and drinks. The Blackened Salmon Ceasar was the best.

  10. Best news I’ve heard all day ?

  11. YAY!!! We plan to visit on the reopening day to show the Grill how much we missed it :). Please keep us update.

  12. Awesome news! So excited. Shouldn’t have closed it down in the first place.

  13. Yay! The grill was delish,, comfortable and cozy.
    I did not enjoy the Bento restaurant at all.
    Thank you. I am so excited!

  14. Awesome news! They should not have closed it in the first place.

  15. Finally common sense. A lovely place to eat, nice bar great staff wonderful food good prices so let’s shut it down.
    I’m glad they are reopening it. Hopefully they won’t try some weird food with increased prices.

  16. So happy! Hope they make the new Bellevue Nordstrom Grill bigger!

  17. This was a very good choice on the part of Nordstrom ! Sometimes I just don’t want to make the trek to Lincoln Square in order to have a ‘ proper ‘ lunch . The concept was obviously popular . I would just ask one other thing of Nordstrom: please open at 9:30 like the other stores in Bel Square .


  19. This is amazing news…My go to grill is coming back! Thank you thank you thank you

  20. So very happy to have the Grill come back! Thank you Nordstrom for listening to your customers!!

  21. Loyal Nordstrom Customer

    Great news! The food at the Bento Box was okay, but the surroundings seemed cold, sterile and cafeteria-like.

  22. Great news! Our family shopping tradition includes dinner at Nordstrom Grille. So glad it is coming back!!

  23. Best news I’ve had!. This was our favorite when shopping in the Mall and Nordstrom and the change didn’t make sense. Can hardly wait for the opening.

  24. Blackened Salmon Caesar from the Nordie Grill- oh how I have missed you!

  25. Thank God! Sadly Nordstrom has lost so many thousands of dollars from our family not dining there so I can imagine how much was lost overall as we all stopped going after the Grill closed. Please make big announcements for the opening as we would love to attend! Hope that the old crew will be rehired as well… The Grill used to be like our “Cheers” “where everybody knows your name”… ?

  26. The staff at the Nordstrom Grill were unforgettably kind, very customer oriented and greeted you by name. I’m coming back! Can’t wait to see them ? Of course the Menu is awesome, love it. There’s no place like the Grill! Yippee!!

  27. Yaaaaaay! Best news ever! Fish & chips, here we come!

  28. This is wonderful news!! We loved the old Nordstrom Grill and frequented often. The new place was awful and cold. Hope they remodel it back with warm woods and bring back the menu classics. Glad Nordstrom listened.