Bellevue Plaza, Phase 1, Photo Credit: Vulcan Real Estate

According to public record, The Environmental Coordinator of the City of Bellevue has determined that there is no further environmental analysis needed on Vulcan Real Estate’s multi-use project, “Bellevue Plaza”. Construction may begin for the first phase pending the appeal deadline that is set for January 16, 2020.

The mixed-use project will be built in the City Center South District of downtown Bellevue. The existing buildings will be demolished and three-17 story office buildings will be constructed that also include retail and parking. The office space will be approximately 880,000 square feet and the ground floor alive use will be about 30,000 square feet. There will be approximately 1,700 parking stalls in the underground parking garage.

The first phase, which could begin soon, includes the construction of a single, 17-story office tower along Main Street, along with part of the public plaza, as well as street frontage improvements and pedestrian through block connection. The address is 117 106th Avenue Northeast.

Design review approval allows construction of the first phase. Subsequent design review approval will allow for the construction of the other two office towers in the future.

We reported in December 2018 that Seattle-based Vulcan Real Estate had proposed a half-block development, “Bellevue Plaza”. The businesses on the site that will be demolished include Jiffy Lube and Locksmith.

Below are new renderings of “Bellevue Plaza”.

Photo Credit: Vulcan Real Estate
Photo Credit: Vulcan Real Estate
Photo Credit: Vulcan Real Estate
Photo Credit: Vulcan Real Estate
Photo Credit: Vulcan Real Estate

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