The City of Bellevue recently confirmed that Vulcan Real Estate has broken ground on their project located on 108th. The city lists the property as being under construction at 555 108th Avenue Northeast.

The tower will total 45 stories. The office space will be 839,500 square feet, retail space will be 11,680 square feet, and parking will include 1,056 parking spaces.

We reported in February 2019 that the application for design review had been submitted by Vulcan for approval to the City of Bellevue. The existing buildings have now been demolished. These include the previous tenants; Blazing Bagels, Ooba Tooba Mex Grill and Nibbana. Blazing Bagels has relocated to to 108th Ave NE and Main Street.

Vulcan Real Estate previously stated that they would not begin construction until they had a tenant. We’ve reached out to Vulcan to see if they have secured one.


  1. I have doubts about the accuracy of this article. 555 108th is not where Toys Cafe was. This is the space that previously Nibbana, Blazing Bagels and Ooba Tooba.

    The top and bottom images should probably be removed

  2. I think you have pictures for the wrong location. These pictures are for a project from Main to likely 2nd on 106th. Not 555 108th which is father north and is between 4th and 6th on 108th.

  3. You combined Vulcan’s two projects – the one on 106th and the one on 108th into one article.

  4. This post is inaccurate on multiple levels

    -555 108th is a 42 story tower on 108th. Bellevue Plaza is a completely different project, also from Vulcan
    -“Bellevue 600” is the Amazon tower
    -The renderings posted are of Bellevue Plaza

  5. Yay! It’s fixed!

  6. I’m glad Blazing Bagels found a new home. And also nice that it’s the old Tully’s being used again.