Looting Takes Place on Sunday at Bellevue Square During Protests – Photo Credit: David Nelson

According to the Bellevue Police Department’s blog, their detectives are currently investigating burglary incidents, vandalism, and other crimes connected to Sunday’s events. The Bellevue Police are asking witnesses who have video to send them in, in order to help identify the suspects.

They have created a dedicated site to upload pictures and videos. An officer may contact you if they need more information. There is also a link on their website under “Report a Crime Online”.

The police are processing videos that they have received thus far and it is not necessary to upload again. The website is for witnesses to upload video. There will be a dedicated site for affected businesses to report crime that is coming soon.


  1. The link has expired

  2. @Nena, the link has been updated and should be working now.

  3. All BPD needs to do is look at Twitter! There are hundreds of images and videos of people looting from close ups to car license plate. All of looters needs to be held accountable! Please check Twitter

  4. First of all, I don’t believe BPD really wants our photos. I’ll prove it by making several claims-

    1. I drove straight to QFC/Bartells parking lot the afternoon they looted & vandalized Bell Sq. I sat there in my car w/windows down and not only watched but also heard the looters as they poured back out of Bell Sq. Cops were 35 yard from me and they did absolutely NOTHING! That’s when I knew it was my civic obligation to observe, & document but do NOTHING, unless I wanted to be handcuffed & put in jail for some lame reason. The COPs were AWOL. Physically, emotionally, and ethically. GONE.

    So, as I mentioned, I’ll sit by the phone waiting for them to call me asking for the videos, license plate #’s, face pics, & loot pics I have. My phone will never ring. AWOL!!!!!