Eastrail Partners Bellevue
Photo Credit: Eastrail Partners

Since the beginning of December, the new connection between the Eastrail and State Route 520 bike route has been complete. The Northup Connector ramp allows trail users in Bellevue to connect directly between the Eastrail and Northup Way, which is part of the 520 trail that runs from Montlake in Seattle to Redmond. 

A donation of $2 million was made in 2020 from REI and Meta, in order to make the Northup Connector possible at a faster pace. The last in $500,000 was secured by King County Council member Claudia Balducci. Eastrail Partners worked with REI and Meta on their $2M investment, and implemented the project.

“Eastrail Partners is honored to deliver this project on behalf of our funders and King County Parks,” said Katherine Hollis, Executive Director of Eastrail Partners. “Meta and REI’s historical investment in the Eastrail demonstrates their commitment to how the Eastrail creates not only transportation options for employees and communities of Lake Washington’s Eastside, but also the importance of access to nature and recreation options.”

According to an Eastrail article, The nonprofit works to make the Eastrail for everyone by catalyzing wide-ranging support for a thriving trail, including corporate partnerships like this one.

Stakeholderes from Eastrail Partners, REI, Meta, King County, City of Bellevue, and Zemek Construction, cut the ribbon during the opening ceremony. 

Slated to open in 2024, the Eastrail Northeast 8th Street bridge in Central Bellevue will provide a critical pedestrian and bicycle crossing, as noted by King County. The north side of the bridge will connect directly at ground level with the Wilburton Link Light Rail Station, and will provide a safe crossing for trail users and new commuters in the Wilburton area. 


  1. Chris Covert-Bowlds

    Great to see biking and walking made safer and more accessible in Bellevue!

  2. How about posting a map that shows this great addition as well as the upcoming trail
    This is all such a great plus for the Eastside community to connect !

  3. Great news but I agree with Jennifer. For some reason, finding maps of these routes and trails is difficult.