Bellevue City Skyline
Bellevue City Skyline, Photo Credit: City of Bellevue

In a recent unanimous decision, the Bellevue City Council has taken a significant stride towards addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing. The council’s recent vote to fund five projects through the Housing Trust Fund and three projects through Bellevue’s Housing Stability Program marks an important effort to provide accessible housing options for the city’s diverse population.

These initiatives are set to deliver nearly 900 units of affordable housing on the Eastside, with 350 units specifically allocated for Bellevue. 

A key advocate for these investments is the Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH), which recommended a substantial $4 million in funding from the 2023 Housing Trust Fund, with Bellevue contributing $1.4 million. Additionally, two projects will benefit from an additional $2.1 million injection from Redmond, highlighting a collaborative approach among neighboring cities to combat the housing challenges together.

What differentiates these projects is their diversity in providing to various housing needs across the Eastside. From supportive housing for formerly homeless seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities to affordable senior independent living, each initiative is tailored to address specific demographics, ensuring that no group is left behind.

The projects uses a holistic approach by integrating transit-oriented residential development, aligning with Bellevue’s vision of sustainable urban living. This promotes environmentally conscious living arrangements, setting a precedent for future developments in the city.

The funding allocation from Bellevue’s Housing Stability Program, totaling $15 million for three projects, emphasizes the city’s commitment to supporting vulnerable and underserved populations. These projects, including BRIDGE Housing’s Spring District transit-oriented development, Catholic Housing of Western Washington’s Maurice Elbert House, and the Low-Income Housing Institute’s Aventine Apartments, will offer housing and services for families and individuals facing homelessness, as well as those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

By prioritizing the needs of low-income families and individuals earning less than 60% of the area median income, Bellevue is taking proactive steps to ensure equitable access to housing for all its residents. 

The Bellevue City Council is expected to take final action at a future meeting.

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