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Yarrow Point, Bellevue
Photo Courtesy: The Brazen’s at Windermere Real Estate/Bellevue Commons

“Inside Bellevue”, the Bellevue neighborhood spotlight series, is a unique collaboration between The Brazen’s at Windermere Real Estate/Bellevue Commons and Downtown Bellevue Network. Drawing upon their over 30 years of experience living, working, and selling homes in Bellevue, the esteemed Brazen family provides an exclusive insider’s perspective on living in Bellevue and the real estate market.

Nestled along the eastern shores of Lake Washington, Yarrow Point beckons with its charm and affluence. With a population of just over 1,100, this tight-knit community welcomes both newcomers and long-time residents, fostering a sense of belonging reminiscent of small-town charm. 

With its enviable location within the Points Community, Yarrow Point is a peninsula bordered on three sides by the waters of Lake Washington, offering picturesque views of both Seattle and Kirkland. Known for its luxury lifestyle, Yarrow Point ranks third in Washington state for per capita income, attracting discerning individuals seeking a premium living experience. 

Among its 405 homes, many are situated along the waterfront. Residents revel in American traditions, such as the iconic 4th of July celebration, where classic cars, brass bands, and neighborhood camaraderie come together against the backdrop of scenic beauty. 

With easy access to the 520 freeway, Yarrow Point blends suburban tranquility with urban convenience, making it a coveted destination in King County. 

Real Estate by the Numbers:

Average Price of Home Sold*Average Price Per Sq Ft*Average Days on the Market*Number of Homes Sold in the Last 12 MonthsHighest Priced Home Sold in the Last 12 MonthsLowest Priced Home Sold in the Last 12 Months

** NWMLS Data from March 1, 2022 – February 29, 2023

Yarrow Point Amenities:

In Yarrow Point, residents have access to a range of amenities. The Wetherill Nature Preserve, a gift from Marjorie Baird and Sidonia Foley, offers sixteen acres of natural beauty aimed at preserving local wildlife and flora, accessible via the SR 520 trail or the Points Loop Trail. 

Road End Beach serves as a picturesque spot for waterfront activities, from picnics to strolls on the dock, fostering a space for relaxation and social gatherings. 

Morningside Park expands recreational possibilities with its soft surface trails winding through a forested hillside, encouraging exploration, without direct water access due to conservation efforts.

Lastly, the 42nd Street Launch Area provides a launching point for kayakers and paddle-boarders, complete with an off-leash area for dogs. 

4th of July at Yarrow Point
Photo Courtesy: The Brazen’s at Windermere Real Estate/Bellevue Commons

History of Yarrow Point Neighborhood:

The history of Yarrow Point dates back to the late 1880s when it was first homesteaded, laying the foundation for a community amidst the evolving landscape of the Puget Sound region. Prior to European settlement, the land was inhabited by the Duwamish people, who established two longhouses along Yarrow Bay, although their primary settlements were in what are now Renton and Seattle. 

The town’s name has its origins with Leigh S. J. Hunt, a newspaper publisher who made Yarrow Point his home from 1886 to 1895, choosing to name it after the Yarrow flower, a plant native to the area.

In a move to protect its unique character against the backdrop of rapid regional development, Yarrow Point was officially incorporated on June 15, 1959. 

Style of Homes in Yarrow Point:

Envision the charm of Nantucket nestled along the serene shores of Lake Washington, where the landscapes frame views of both Seattle and Kirkland. Yarrow Point, with its rank as third in per capita income in Washington state, is renowned as a symbol of wealth and desirability in King County. 

This prestigious community boasts a diverse array of homes where one in four residences is situated along the waterfront or features direct water access. The rest, while not directly on the water’s edge, have views ranging from expansive panoramas to intimate, territorial outlooks. 

4412 95th Ave NE, Yarrow Point
Photo Courtesy: The Brazen’s at Windermere Real Estate/Bellevue Commons
8804 NE 34th St, Yarrow Point
Photo Courtesy: The Brazen’s at Windermere Real Estate/Bellevue Commons

Additional Facts about Yarrow Point:

Nestled at the Northwest tip, Yarrow Point boasts a community dock that serves as the centerpiece for lakeside enjoyment. This dock sets the stage for the town’s quintessential 4th of July celebration, with a festive day full of a procession of classic cars, the cheerful tunes of a brass band, and the joyous sight of children on bikes. Neighbors line the streets, converging at the point to savor the simple pleasures of hot dogs, strawberry shortcakes, and local microbrews, making it a highlight of living in this tight-knit community.

Beyond these idyllic community gatherings, Yarrow Point ensures the safety and security of its residents through strategic partnerships. Law enforcement is provided by the Clyde Hill Police Department. On the water, the Mercer Island Marine Patrol oversees marine safety. Additionally, fire protection services are handled through a contract with the City of Bellevue. 

Yarrow Point
Photo Courtesy: The Brazen’s at Windermere Real Estate/Bellevue Commons
Yarrow Point
Photo Courtesy: The Brazen’s at Windermere Real Estate/Bellevue Commons

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