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Photo Courtesy: Story in a Bottle Wines

A new independent wine store, Story in a Bottle Wines, recently opened on Main Street in Bellevue. The address is 10677 Main Street.

The store features a unique selection of wines that are mostly new to the United States’ market. The main focus is on family-owned wineries.

“Behind every bottle of wine is a complex story that combines viticulture, history, science, art, culture, and people,” said Todd Glass, owner of Story in a Bottle Wines. “Today, many wineries are run by the newest generation, the daughters, sons, and even grandchildren, who are bringing modern methods to traditional ways of winemaking. The results are amazing, but because of their small production runs their wines rarely are offered outside their own countries or regions.”

Over half the wines that are carried in-store are exclusive to Story in a Bottle Wines. According to owner, Todd Glass, they take the time to find producers and get to know the families behind the wines.

The interior of the store is decorated with reclaimed materials. A large wooden table is located in the center of the store to sample wines. The wines are organized by region and grape, with the largest focus on Italian and French wines. They also carry a selection of Champagnes and dessert wines.

There are future plans to host winemaker events in store. At the moment, the store has a section for featured winemakers that share their stories and wines.

Story in a Bottle Wines hosts regular paid tastings on Saturdays and Sundays with wines. They offer samples daily.

Customers can order online and pick up in-store. In the coming months, the store will offer delivery for those living in Seattle or on the Eastside.

Story in a Bottle Wines Bellevue
Photo Courtesy: Story in a Bottle Wines

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