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Sano Café, a fast-casual eatery that embodies healthy living and mindful eating, is poised to open at Amazon-leased Centre 425 tower on 106th Avenue Northeast. I recently had the privilege of interviewing one of the owners of Sano from Conscious Hospitality Group, the driving force behind this venture.

Established in 2017 with its flagship location on Mercer Island, Sano Café quickly garnered a loyal following for its dedication to wholesome ingredients. With the original founder, Lisa Nordstrom, envisioning a wider expansion, Sano was poised to extend its reach beyond Mercer Island.

The decision to expand to Bellevue was a strategic one, driven by a desire to reach a new demographic while still staying true to their roots. As part of Conscious Hospitality Group’s vision to see a Sano Café in every city, Bellevue presented an ideal location with its proximity to Mercer Island yet distinct market dynamics.

Set to open its doors at Centre 425, Sano Café’s Bellevue spot promises to be a hub of activity. Boasting a bright, inviting space adorned with ample windows and infused with a touch of bohemian charm reminiscent of Tulum, the café aims to be more than just a dining destination—it aspires to be a community gathering place.

In terms of offerings, the Bellevue menu will build upon the foundation laid by its Mercer Island counterpart. While retaining its focus on healthy, organic fare, the café will introduce an expanded coffee selection. The store will feature vibrant smoothies, wholesome bowls, and artisanal coffee.

Looking ahead, the owners of Sano have ambitious plans for the future. With several locations in the pipeline, including Redmond and Queen Anne, the goal is to have 6-10 establishments open by the end of 2025. Each location will embody the Sano ethos while embracing the unique character of its surroundings.

Operating hours for the Bellevue location are slated to be seven days a week, from 8 am to 5 pm, with the possibility of adjustments based on demand. Dedicated parking spots will be available within the building’s parking garage, as well as a paid parking lot nextdoor.

Sano Cafe is currently awaiting permit approval from the City of Bellevue before beginning construction. The team is also in the process of obtaining permits for curbside pickup to offer convenient options for customers.

Sano Cafe
Photo Credit: Sano Cafe
Sano Cafe
Photo Credit: Sano Cafe

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