Bellhop in Bellevue
Photo Courtesy: Visit Bellevue

The BellHop electric shuttle service, originally launched as a pilot program by Visit Bellevue in partnership with Amazon, the City of Bellevue, and the Tourism Promotion Area (TPA), has successfully transitioned into a permanent fixture of Bellevue’s transportation network. According to a press release from Visit Bellevue, this decision comes as a result of sustained funding commitments from its key stakeholders.

“BellHop has become an integral part of Bellevue’s transportation ecosystem. I’m thrilled that this free, electric shuttle service is here to stay, thanks to the support of Amazon, The City of Bellevue and the TPA,” said Brad Jones, Executive Director of Visit Bellevue. “A lot goes on behind the scenes to propel Bellevue towards sustainable urban mobility, and we’re so grateful for our team and amazing partners. This investment provides essential connectivity and stimulates the local economy by bringing people to the vibrant businesses, restaurants, shops, attractions, services, and incredible parks and open spaces across Bellevue.”

First launching in August 2023, its initial success prompted a five-month extension. Those in Bellevue have been able to request a free 100% electric shuttle through an app. The ride travels within the downtown area and to other nearby city attractions.

“Amazon is proud to support BellHop and its sustainable transportation solutions that benefit our community,” said Shannon Loew, Vice President of Global Real Estate & Facilities at Amazon. “This service further enhances connectivity for our employees, visitors, and the local workforce by providing even more ways to access key destinations around Bellevue. We’re excited to see how this innovative program continues to grow and look forward to its positive impacts on mobility, equity, and environmental sustainability.”

Aligned with Bellevue’s Environmental Stewardship Plan, which aims for an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and 100% renewable energy use by 2050, BellHop operates entirely on electric power. Since the beginning, the service has provided 47,200 rides to 67,827 passengers, resulting in an estimated reduction of 62.60 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

“Sustainable mobility is a priority for Bellevue’s environmental strategy, and BellHop has proven to be a vital clean energy transportation solution for our workforce, residents, and community to complete essential tasks like grocery shopping, traveling to workplaces, and accessing medical appointments,” said Bellevue Mayor Lynne Robinson. “With over 111,000 miles traveled and counting, BellHop has revitalized our transportation system by closing the last-mile gap between existing public transit services.”

In response to its growing popularity and positive impact, BellHop is expanding its service offerings. Starting June 17th, 2024, a new weekday morning service will operate from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM, catering to early commuters traveling from Bellevue’s Downtown Transit Station to select downtown stops. The expansion aims to further integrate BellHop into Bellevue’s daily commuting options, bridging gaps in public transit accessibility.

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  1. No link to the app?

  2. I was curious to see Sunday that the Bellhop vehicles I saw had California license plates.

  3. What a great addition to get around downtown or over to the botanical garden even mid-day for those of us working downtown.

  4. This is great news as it is always a pleasure to hear about increased transportation services on the Eastside that fill existing gaps. Unfortunately, with this specific service, gaps still exist for seniors and others who may not have access to a smartphone (granted, they can hail a vehicle but that can be a challenge) and for those who use mobility devices. I am hopeful that these issues can be addressed with some tweaks to the service.

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