Wilburton Plan Advances
Photo Credit: City of Bellevue

On Tuesday, the City Council unanimously endorsed a comprehensive plan amendment aimed at transforming the west side of Wilburton into a walkable, sustainable, mixed-use neighborhood.

The amendment, recommended for adoption by the Planning Commission, is slated for formal action at an upcoming council meeting. It establishes a new vision and updated land use designations for Wilburton’s commercial area, also known as “auto row” along 116th Avenue Northeast.

The impending amendment includes a revised land use map that will influence the types of development permissible within the neighborhood. It also introduces new policies designed to promote development around public transit, the Eastrail, and the Grand Connection, fostering increased housing and job opportunities.

Amendments to the boundaries of the Wilburton/Northeast Eighth Street and BelRed subareas are also part of the initiative.

This comprehensive plan amendment forms a key element of the broader Wilburton Vision Implementation initiative, which includes a mixed-use community centered around trails and transit.

Bellevue’s Comprehensive Plan, currently undergoing a large update, communicates the city’s future vision, guiding policies, city actions, and capital investments such as infrastructure and parks. The update aims to expand housing options, enhance affordability, support diverse communities, bolster economic vitality, and safeguard the environment.

During this week’s meeting, the council also discussed various components of the Wilburton Vision Implementation initiative, including amendments to the land use code, strategies for affordable housing, a sustainability framework, and the development of a multimodal transportation network.

The City of Bellevue is gathering community feedback on the land use code amendment, which the council will revisit later this year. For more information, visit the meeting details.

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