Bellevue News

Bellevue Square Nordstrom Under Major Construction

If you hadn’t noticed, the Nordstrom in Bellevue Square is under major construction for a serious remodel. The remodel has been done in phases and all the men’s sections and some of the women’s sections are now complete. Images shot within the last week, and show how aggressively Nordstrom is […]

Bellevue’s a Big Deal says Puget Sound Business Journal

The Puget Sound Business Journal asks the question, What city is No. 1? They recently posted an intriguing story about how, “Hot” Bellevue is right now, implying they are No. 1. (not that we didn’t already know this) Proof the article uses to back its case: Neiman Marcus chose to […]

Hyatt to Host Culinary Extravaganza!

And now for something different. With their unique twist to an evening, YWCA of King & Snohomish County is offering what has been a sell-out event for the past three years! Imagine, if you will, enjoying food and drink from the finest chefs and wine makers in the Northwest. But […]

Update: Bellevue crane accident

Quite possibly the biggest news in Downtown Bellevue last year was the crane that fell killing Matthew Ammon, an attorney at Microsoft and resulted in many Bellevuites looking up for the next couple months as they walked the streets of the city. Last night Komo TV 4 reported that the […]

Microsoft Holds Up Traffic in Downtown Bellevue

You might have noticed NE 8th Street was temporarily closed Wednesday at the corner of NE 8th St and Bellevue Way NE out in front of Lincoln Square. This was due to Microsoft “branding” the outside of Lincoln Square with their logo. Microsoft has officially put their mark on Downtown […]

What’s going up on SE 8th St & 114th Ave SE?

The site: the corner of SE 8th St & 114th Ave SE. You know right across the street from the Park & Ride? Many people have asked us, “What’s going on over there?” Well, we’re going to tell you. It’s a hotel! And not just any hotel, but another Marriott. […]

Galleria Cinemas will Move

Remember the news back in early August about the changes at the Bellevue Galleria? Well, the owner definitely wants to bring in office space and get the cinema out of there! The news was reported in the Puget Sound Business Journal. “Even I have my price,” said Ray Hallett, founder […]

Big Plans for Bel-Red Road

The Seattle Times reported today the big plans that the City of Bellevue’s steering committee have suggested for the Bel-Red Corridor. The Bel-Red Corridor is full of run down shopping and industrial complexes. It hardly fits in with the exponentially growing areas of Downtown Bellevue. Because there is so much […]