Upon entering the Bellevue Galleria, the experience begins poorly. Driving around, for sometimes 10+ minutes, parking can be a challenge. It would be bad enough if there wasn’t enough parking…but there are many spots. It’s just that the spots are so small, many cars end up taking two spots. Instead of packing in spots, and losing many of them to double parkers, it would be nice if the Galleria made the spots big enough for normal sized cars to fit.

Once parked, it is time to get on the elevators. I don’t suggest wasting your time. If you’ve parked on P1, P2, or even P3, take the stairs. It’ll be much faster.

Now you are onto the main concourse. If you are going to workout at LA Fitness or have other needs, which lead you to the second or third floors, you’d expect to be able to take the escalator they provide but unfortunately they have been intermittently down for the last several weeks. And keep in mind the elevators are slow, so I guess we’ll be walking again.

With the movie theater closing a couple weeks ago, the reasons are lessoning by the day why you would want to make the trip to Bellevue Galleria.

As reported, the Galleria is looking to convert much of their retail space into office space. The first signs of this are starting to take place, as there is wood up sectioning off some of the past retail tenants (see picture below).

You would think with Bellevue Towers next door, a high-end luxury condominium complex which will play host to 480 condos, would be a flourishing opportunity for retail tenants (but what do we know?).

The management team of the Galleria needs to take more pride in their property. It is very clear no attention has been paid to the details. I hope that with this transition to office space the owners will turn the property around. Although, from the beginning of Galleria’s time, it has always felt like this property was in a transition. I just don’t see this stopping anytime soon.


  1. Those spots are way too small…but it’s not just them doing it. Sometimes it seems all the spots are labeled “compact” but not many of us drive compact cars.

    I don’t appreciate getting nailed with car doors either

  2. Right on. The poor parking situation is why I have been avoiding the Galleria all these years.

  3. GALLERIA PARKING IS HORRIBLE…Also didn’t they have a security issue with people getting mugged (or raped?)this winter in the parking garage?

  4. I don’t even remember my last visit to the Galleria parking garage. It’s a nightmare, especially there is a construction site right outside.

  5. Great to see someone keeping a serious eye on Bellevue and the majestic potential it beholds, as well as holding it to the standard it deserves. Please keep these coming (and don’t ever back down!)!

  6. This post is right-on. When I have lunch meetings at Tap House, I will sometimes park across the street (it only cost 3 bucks) to avoid having to spend 20 minutes finding a parking space I can actually fit my mid-sized sedan into. The elevators can only be described as glacial. It’s too bad because that spot has tons of potential.

  7. Thank you! Someone needed to say it! The property and concept had so much potential!!! I wonder what Gene Juarez thinks!


  8. The Galleria STILL has issues! Rape, robbery, vehicles and people. This place is not safe. One of the security guys followed my girlfriend
    To her car and left creepy notes on her car. Another
    Friend who worked security for a bar in the galleria said he would watch the galleria security guy follow girls around and he was finally accused of rape but it seems the owners of the galleria didnt care. I was there after words and even confronted the security guard about harassing people. He ran away from me. Haha what an idiot!