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New Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business in Downtown Bellevue

A new service for pet owners has been launched in downtown Bellevue, where you can bring your pet’s best dog harness so they can enjoy their walks in style. The Square Pet Care is a dog walking and petsitting service for the condos and apartments of Bellevue. Owner, Todd Wilson […]

Bellevue Towers Reaches 300 Closed Sales

Bellevue Towers closed its 300th home this week, which puts the downtown condominium property within reach of receiving final Fannie Mae approval for the entire project. Achieving final Fannie Mae approval will lead to increased financing options for potential buyers, such as lower down payments and more flexible qualification criteria, […]

Bellevue Towers Top in Market for 2011 Condo Sales

Bellevue Towers was the region’s best selling condominium project in 2011 with 144 homes closed and sold since January 1, 2011. Sales for the year was $88,940,000, which was double the volume of the closest comparable project in the market. Last year homes at Bellevue Towers averaged about $433 per […]

Million Dollar Condos in Downtown Bellevue

Have you wondered how the million-dollar condos have been selling in Downtown Bellevue? UrbanCondoSpaces, a local real estate blog, recently researched how condo homes ranging from $800K – $1.5M have been selling. The data showed that within a 6-month range, from June – December 2011, 11 condos were sold. The units […]

Bellevue Towers Hosts Holiday Trunk Show

Bellevue Towers will host a festive evening of holiday shopping at its condominium homes in downtown Bellevue in December. Bellevue Towers’ holiday trunk show runs from 4-8pm on Wednesday, Dec. 7, throughout various homes, including models on the upper floors of the north tower, at 500 106th Avenue NE. The […]

Potbelly Now Open in Bellevue

At the base of Bellevue Towers South Tower, in what was the last and final unoccupied retail space, Potbelly Sandwich Shop is now open. Potbelly brings its toasty warm sandwiches and hand-dipped shakes to its 2nd Greater Seattle store. Their sandwiches are well priced, ranging from $4.50 – $5.50. The […]

Bellevue Towers Leading in Sales for the Year

The downtown condominium project, Bellevue Towers, according to it’s latest press release is not only one of the region’s largest pair of buildings, but their recent sales make it the region’s best selling condominium project. The project’s sales are more than double any comparable project in the Northwest. Since January […]

Bellevue Towers Sales Update

It has been just over 2 months since Bellevue Towers announced updated, more aggressive pricing for their project. We were curious as to how the response has been and recently had some questions for Jason Foss, the General Manager of Sales & Marketing at Bellevue Towers: Q: What type of […]