Author: Michael

Avalon Meydenbauer Apartments Coming Soon

Picture taken June 11th Coming this Fall all you renters will have another option in Bellevue. The Avalon Meydenbauer apartments are beginning to take form. They will be in the heart of downtown Bellevue on the block of Bellevue Way and NE 4th St (kitty corner to Bellevue Square). Pricing […]

Lexus of Bellevue Grand Facility

The Lexus dealership on Main St has been a part of Bellevue’s community for the past two decades.  It is moving…but not far.  The new dealership if you haven’t yet seen it yet will be a block away, still on Main St right over the 405 overpass.  The dealership is hard to miss, […]

Free Parking in Bellevue is Over

The days of free parking while shopping in Bellevue are over. Well…not everywhere, but Lincoln Square has implemented parking fees for guest visitors in their parking garage. This action was spurred by the practically complete Lincoln Square office spaces, which are ready to be occupied by the end of June. […]

City of Bellevue to Host Downtown Improvement Projects Meeting

The City of Bellevue has 14 projects in the works meant to improve road and pedestrian traffic.  The City will hold a open meeting so the public gets an opportunity to get accustomed to the different office and residential towers currently being built and give feedback.  Community members will get […]

Greg’s Cycle in Bellevue Now Open

Greg’s Cycle has been open in a new Downtown Bellevue location for over a month now. The new location is is located at 105 Bellevue Way NE. The Bellevue retail space has 11,000 square feet, which has allowed them to expand their already massive inventory of bikes and accessories. Greg’s […]

Violent Crimes Rise in Bellevue

A study done by the FBI sited that violent crime in Bellevue has increased in 2006. Violent crimes are categorized as, murder, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and property crime. The most significant increase was within forcible rapes increasing from 29 in 2005 to 42 in 2006. While any murders […]

Bellevue City Council Approves Domestic Partner Benifits

The City of Bellevue council voted 7-0 deciding in the favor of gay and straight domestic partner employees of the City of Bellevue to receive the same benefits as married couples. This story has been high profile and closely followed by the local media. Gay-rights activists have been fighting for […]