The 2nd annual 2007 Bellevue Fashion Week begins Friday at The Bellevue Collection.

First event up will be the Nordstrom Fall Runway Show at Fashion AXIS. The Nordstrom fashion show will feature world-renowned designers such as Juicy Couture and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Tickets are available to the general public for $50. Attendees should expect to enjoy boutique shopping, including items from the fashion show itself. A wine and hors d’oeuvre reception will take place preceding the runway show.

The Nordstrom Fashion Runway Show will kick off Bellevue’s Fashion Week 2007, but is just the start of the many events that will be hosted in Downtown Bellevue. Included is a full list of all the Premier Events, which will take place at The Bellevue Collection.

Bellevue Fashion Week Premier Events

  • Sept 15th Flirt with Style 11am – 2pm @ Bellevue Square Center Court
  • Sept 15th Posh Party 6pm @ Fashion AXIS $50
  • Sept 15th VIP Shopping Night 8:30pm @ Bellevue Square Center Court $25
  • Sept 16th Blue Wili’s Fall Fashion Show 3pm @ Fashion AXIS
  • Sept 18th luluemon athletica Manifesto Masquerade 7-9pm @ Fashion AXIS $20-25
  • Sept 19th Shoot In Style 6pm @ The Parlor Billiards & Spirits $20
  • Sept 19th Classic Style Show 7pm @ Fashion Fashion AXIS $35
  • Sept 20th Voletta Couture’s “Enamored” Fashion Show 6pm @ Fashion AXIS $35-75
  • Sept 21st The Collective 7pm @ AXIS $35
  • Sept 22nd David Lawrence Fall Fashion Spectacular 7pm @ Fashion AXIS $25-30

For a complete list, including in store events, check out the Fashion Week Events.

With over 80 events spanning a bit over a week, it is proof how prominent Bellevue Fashion Week is becoming in only its second year. Downtown Bellevue has aspirations of becoming included in the same sentence as shopping districts such as 5th Ave in New York, Michigan Ave in Chicago, Rodeo Drive in L.A. along with others.

Events such as Bellevue Fashion Week coupled with openings of high fashion retail stores in Bellevue begin to create an argument for the area to be considered as a top-shopping destination on the West coast.

*Fashion AXIS is located at Lincoln Square


  1. Why not have a fashion show through the middle of Bellevue Square?

  2. i guess they couldn’t charge for it then….

  3. don’t know about you all, but when i think of the middle of bellevue square…don’t really think of fashion…i do, however, think of that big boat that the kids always play on!

  4. I second that! Having private shows in specific locations makes the events classier. When I think of a mall fashion show, I think of a Teen Bop concert.