As reported in early July, Lucky Strike Lanes will occupy a spot Lincoln Square on the second floor. The first signs have popped up this week, as you can see that the “coming soon” wallpaper has been plastered all over their to be home.

The lounge and bowling alley combo will cater to a higher end crowd looking to be entertained.

Look forward to Lucky Strike Lanes opening by the end of 2007.


  1. Bowling will be a great addition to this area, the other place to bowl down by BCC is a hole.

  2. I can’t wait to pay tons of money to bowl! Yes!

  3. That’s great. Just in time for the holidays!

  4. Think they’ll have 20 dollar sodas? Hope so.

  5. Oh quit wining! If you don’t like the growth of Bellevue, then move out!

  6. That craphole Bowling place by BCC charges $5 per person per game, that is what this fancy pants place will charge I heard….

    If I’m going to pay out the nose to bowl it might as well be in a nice environment…

  7. And if you don’t like this here war in Eye-raq, you can get the hayl out o my country!

  8. This place will turn into a 21 and over lounge after a certain time. It is not meant to be a true bowling alley, but more so a bar/lounge.

    And yes, I’m sure if you are looking for inexpensive drinks…this will NOT be the place to go.

  9. Take the pinheads bowling, and take me along! Any place to kick back and relax is a welcome space.

  10. I hear Big Poppy hangs out there.

  11. Odoyle Rules!