Wild Ginger, what is currently known as one of Seattle’s finest Asian restaurants will expand into Downtown Bellevue. In a news release announced Wednesday, Wild Ginger and Schnitzer West (Developer) stated that the restaurant will occupy 14,000 square feet on two floors at The Bravern opening in September 2009.

Wild Ginger will occupy space at the base of “Two Bravern Court” one of the two 29-story condo residences. The Bravern project has gained popularity due to the announcement that Neiman Marcus will open its first store in the Northwest in Downtown Bellevue at the Bravern, along with many other upscale shopping boutiques.

This announcement comes recently after El Gaucho laid down plans to open up the street at the City Center Plaza building, which is currently under construction.

As these major projects such as Washington Square, Bellevue Towers, and The Bravern begin nearing completion there will begin to be a flurry of announcements concerning retail plans at these buildings.

With the many Microsoft employees occupying The Bravern’s office space, the high end client√®le shopping fashionable stores, and affluent homeowners at the Bravern Signature Residences, Wild Ginger promises to have a high potential for success!


  1. I am soo excited for this!! Even though Bellevue already has some great places to dine, they do tend to get boring over and over again…I really enjoy Wild Ginger!

  2. It looks like a nice place, but what we need are more sandwich / fast places to grab a bite. It feels like almost every new place to eat in Bellevue is in the $$ to $$$ category…

  3. This really isn’t surprising. Another established firm opening up a branch in a market that has people with money and are under-served by existing offerings. Now what would have been really interesting is if some new, hot chef decided to try something new and novel in Bellevue…but that wouldn’t work in a town where you need to have an established track record to even talk to a building owner and/or ever hope to attract a following (of the herd).