El Gaucho, one of the Pacific Northwest’s great steakhouses is reported by the Puget Sound Business Journal to be coming to Downtown Bellevue. The chain currently has locations in Seattle, Tacoma, and Portland.

The Bellevue location will occupy space in the City Center Plaza building when complete.

El Gaucho was originally speculated (and thought of as a done deal) to occupy space in the Washington Square complex.


  1. They did sign an initial letter of intent with Washington Square to take up space in phase II but they backed out once that project got pushed back. I’ve read on some message boards that Washington Square has replaced them with an upscale steak chain from the LA area.

  2. Should be a nice space with the large courtyard area planned around City Center. And the plans for El Gaucho include alfresco dining options. Anyone hear any lease confirmation for the upstairs? AT&T Wireless is the only rumor I have heard, but have never gotten that confirmed….

  3. AT&T? Wow, I work for them and am currently at the North Creek campus in Bothell. That’d be great if we can consolidate our offices and move to downtown. Where’d you hear this rumor?

  4. The rumor was mentioned in a City Center Plaza thread on the Skyscrapercity site. This was around July. Not sure if it’s true. Speculation regarding tenants for this site has been pretty intense.

  5. Would be even better if they will also bring the Pampas Room to the new Bellevue location.

  6. That’s what I am talking about, a little sizzzzle in the downtown Bellevue nightlife. Fo shizzle.

  7. isn’t ebonics great?

  8. I don’t know which one is the City Center building. Is there a legend for which block fits which name?