Downtown Bellevue plays home to a flurry of restaurants, but only one has a view from the sky. Daniel’s Broiler is the only restaurant in the area that’s elevated higher than the ground floor, giving it sweeping views of the Downtown area and looking out onto Lake Washington.

A few years ago Spazzo, an Italian restaurant on the top floor of the Key Bank Building, was another venue with spectacular views! Spazzo has since left, and the space is now occupied by the Bellevue Towers condominium showroom.

I encourage restaurant owners in the coming years to look into leasing space in buildings that have a view because there is a great opportunity waiting to be filled in the city.

Is there currently any space available that would allow for a restaurant with a view you ask? Tower 333, which looks over the Downtown Bellevue Park and Lake Washington, on the 20th floor has one of the most breath-taking views in the area, with half of the floor currently available. The available space is almost 9,000 square feet.

This is a call to all future restaurant owners, bring us Bellevuites tasty foods and magnificent views!