Earls Bellevue Collection Lincoln Square

Earls is officially open in Lincoln Square at The Bellevue Collection. Get ready for some Good Honest Food, Delicious Drinks, and the Right Vibe. These are the key ingredients that Earls refers to in their Philosophy 101 for success.

The vibe feels similar to what you would expect at Pearl or Joey Bellevue, but the design is far from the same.  One nice feature is a fireplace next to one of the main dining areas, which gives the space a very warm feel.

The menu features soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, salmon, steak, chicken, and more. The drink menu is filled with martinis, margaritas, beers, and wine.  Upon first glance their wine cellar looks to be quite large as well.

Enjoy our first look, as we were able to post some pictures from Earls grand opening night.

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  1. So how’s the food? Anyone tried it yet?

  2. I have mixed feelings after the first experience. We were seated promptly, then I waited 20 minutes before someone came by to take my drink order. I was Very disappointed in this. However it took only a few minutes once my food was ordered to arrive and the food was good. Should I return and get the same drink service I will be filing my complaints with manager. I missed happy hour due to the waitress.

  3. I have been to one of the Vancouver locations and it was amazing, can’t wait to check this one out!

  4. I’ve been to the one in Vancouver and in my opinion it’s more cozy there than in Bellevue. Bellevue’s great and expansive and you can have a big party unlike Joey’s where its super crammed.

    Joeys and Earls both have their Pros and Cons. Joey’s has the hotter staff 😉 (very bias)

  5. Went to Earls last night…they gave a long way to go before they can compete with the service and food quality at Joey’s or Pearl. Seats in the bar are reserved via pager, so you can’t just walk in a get a drink unless you stand in the bar. Then got a table and waited over 25 min for our drinks…dinner was not worth the wait…All I ordered was a dinner salad and fish tacos which that took another 30 min. Great location but they need some major help if they want to keep it. I’d wait a few weeks until they get the kinks worked out and enjoy dinner somewhere else.

  6. Went to Earls last night and had the most amazing cocktail of my life! It was the Lemon Meringue. I also had the Salmon Roll sushi, which was 10-12 rolls with tempura shrimp, smoked salmon, wasabi sauce, and more. It was gooood! Their dessert wasn’t half bad either. I had a delicious strawberry sundae.

    I thought the pricing was slightly cheaper than Joeys. I’ll be back! P.S. Earls and Joey Bellevue are ultimately owned by the same person.

  7. I’ve only been to the one in Vancouver, but will have to try this one out. Beautiful space, looking at the photos — love the angled mirrors and lighting. I will give it a try when they get all the kinks worked out; it’s more fun when they’ve found their groove.

  8. So much for diversity in Bellevue. Why do we need a 2nd Joey’s? Why is that interesting?

  9. What is their Happy Hour?

  10. I haven’t been to Earl’s yet, but the semi circle booths look very swanky, retro cool. How are the acoustics? That’s my main concern these days. In lots of new restaurants you have to shout to carry on a convo because there’s no soft surfaces to absorb the noise.

  11. Am I blind? I don’t see Earl’s listed on this website under Happy Hours? I was trying to find out what their drink and food specials are for Happy Hour? Thanks!

  12. We tried Earl’s last week. The waitress was ultra friendly, but the food was mediocre at best. Both of our meals arrived cold and were sent back to be remade. The tacos were smothered in hot sauce, but decided to scrape it off myself rather than have it remade a 2nd time. The manager was made aware of the complaint, and took a whopping 10% off the bill. Purple Cafe and Wine Bar is superior on all accounts.

  13. OK, finally went the other day. It was early when we went, so it was pretty quiet, but it filled up later. Wasn’t in love with their drink menu, but they had the basics, same thoughts on the food. But the staff was very nice and I think this would be a good place to just go after work and hang out with friends/co-workers — you’ll get a chance to focus on your friends, and that’s not a bad thing.

  14. This place is absolutley great, the food and drinks were good and the place had a good atmosphere about it. However we had a few problems with the wait staff. It’s like they just can’t get anything done properly or even quickly. Hopefully it’s just because they opened.

  15. This place is not that great, and the happy hour is kind of silly. Who has one drink on “happy hour” each night? If you compare the “happy hour” menu to the regular menu, most of the prices are exactly the same.

    I made the mistake of organizing a happy hour here with 10 of my friends and frantically contacted each of them to meet me elsewhere since the happy hour is really misleading, if it exists at all. There are plenty of amazing places in the area with actual Happy Hours, The Parlor, The Pearl, Boom Noodle, Blue C Sushi – the list goes on.

    Earls has a lot to learn, I am not as impressed with them as they are with themselves.

  16. Be careful as I went with some friends and we all split the bill. I paid my share on my credit card and my friends paid their share with cash. The next day I checked my online banking and Earls had charged the entire bill onto my credit card and someone kept the cash. I called them right away and they apologized to me claiming that they’ve had some problems with their credit card charges. The only problem I see is that someone was trying to pocket some extra cash hoping that no one would notice. Anyways, they refunded my card for the extra amount and promised to send me a gift card which I’m still waiting for a month later! Check your charges carefully!

  17. If you drink beer, this is not the place to go. After asking why there weren’t any happy hour specials on beer, the manager told us they didn’t want the type of people that drink beer to frequent their place. We left and went to The Parlor.