As a way to ring in the New Year, Blue C Sushi is having a 2009 special: 20% off your bill (excluding alcohol) from now until New Years Day*.

*Valid through December 31st, 2009. Show the server this post on your cell phone, or print out.


  1. Epic fail! Here’s a report from 10 minutes ago.

    My wife alerted me to this deal (sent me a link in email), since I work in the building across the street. I’m not a big fan of the place, but I figured with the discount it deserved another chance. I rounded up 5 other office mates to go with (also pushed over the fence by the discount).

    When we got our bills and mentioned the discount, they asked if I’d printed out this post. Of course not, so we were out of luck. She came back and said the manager was willing to give the discount if we could locate this post on a cell phone as proof. We looked for a bit, but couldn’t find it… though I was able to recall the text and details (such as no alcohol) from memory.

    Finally, they agreed to discount just my bill by 20%… so much for bringing 6 new regulars to their business. Seating was slow, sushi was meh, and way to pretentious… our previous bad impressions have been reaffirmed.

  2. My sincere apologies Jeep,

    Our staff didn’t know that our e-newsletter was going to be posted here and I forgot to add the usual language about bringing in the the coupon (so we can track them).

    I have now made sure everyone at the store knows people just need to mention they saw the promotion on the Downtown Bellevue blog so they can receive the discount.

    So, so sorry for the confusion as I started it. My apologies to those who dined with you as well.

    Steve Rosen
    Co-founder, Blue C Sushi

  3. I think its great that Steve responded. It’s good to know that a business owner is listening to his customers.

  4. Agreed! Steve has reached out to our group to make amends and explain their side of the miscommunication.

  5. I took my two kids to Blue C Sushi a while back, different location (by the UW I think), and they loved it. They kept begging me to go again, but I always navigate them to another Kaiten Sushi place. Why? My bill was close to $70 for the three of us even though I held back quite a bit. Luckily there are a bunch of other Kaitens in the area now and we can have 95% of the experience for half that much.

    So basically, if these guys are going to attract any family dining at all, they need work on their prices and/or add a bunch of kid-attractive dishes in the $1-$2 range.

    The concept is flexible and I can see how it can bring in even non-sushi eaters with creative entrepreneurship (think tapas, deserts, etc..).

    However, if you have the budget and must have Kaiten, this chain is probably the best in the area as it combines, style, service, ambience, and food quality above any other kaiten place. But, you will pay for it.

  6. Word to the wise: ALWAYS print out the deals, and take proof in hand! 🙂 Stores and restaurants all too often like to play dumb and won’t honor the deals (even if it doesn’t say you need to print the offer on the e-mail). I’m glad you got the deal Jeep!

  7. P.S. We LOVE Blue C, and love their deals!