After eleven years of being Downtown Bellevue’s place to get a taste of Southwest/TexMex cuisine, Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill will be shutting its doors on January 26th. “We want to extend a huge thanks to our hard working team members, loyal guests and community for all your support over the past 11 years,” says Steven A. Micheletti, president and CEO of Z’Tejas. “We are sincerely looking forward to enjoying one last holiday season with our team and patrons.” The closing comes as a result of a decision based on the restaurant’s lease. “Recently we were presented an opportunity for another business to assume the three remaining years of our lease, and decided to pursue that because it makes the most economic sense for us,” Micheletti explains.

Z’Tejas will stay open throughout the duration of the holiday season, so people coming to see Snowflake Lane will still have a nearby spot to grab a bite after the nightly show. A longtime favorite for the holiday and happy hour crowds, it’s a restaurant that was one of the first arrivals to the Lodge at Bellevue Square when it opened its doors in May of 2001 on the third level. It arrived to Bellevue bringing fresh ingredients, award-winning margaritas and a menu influenced by the spicy flavors of Arizona, California, Louisiana, New Mexico and Texas. Bellevue was one of its eleven locations throughout the Western region of the country, with the first Z’Tejas opening in 1989 in Austin, Texas.


  1. That’s a bummer. I like both their food and drinks quite a bit. 🙁

    Any idea on who the “other business” is?

  2. This sucks! Love the margaritas, menu & cornbread! I will miss the Bloody Mary bar too! 🙁

  3. Yeah, bummed it see it go. But their interior was starting to look a bit dated. Just hoping that the new business is not yet another steak house. And god no! not a churrascaria either please.

  4. I think I might actually cry. How many Z’Sticks can one consume in two months? I’ll let you know on January 27th…

  5. good. there menu was kind of meh.

    hope to see some good food coming!

  6. The new business is a Tapas place…

  7. Ooh. Tapas! That could get me excited.

  8. Also, where is a good place to get some well-buttered corn bread now?

  9. onward and upward

  10. Bummer. Bellevue is lacking when it comes to good mexican. I wish Cactus would take over this spot. 🙂

  11. Won’t miss it. This placed sucked — except for the cornbread.