Tully’s Coffee, located on Main Street, was forced to close its doors this week due to an eviction notice for two months of unpaid rent.

According to court documents filed in King County Superior Court, the money that was owed totaled $21,285.

It was reported earlier this month that all Tully’s locations were temporarily forced to close, on the grounds that there was an insufficient supply of coffee.

Many Tully’s locations throughout the Puget Sound have closed over the past year.

For other coffee shops in downtown Bellevue visit our coffee shops page.


  1. Man such a bummer. Bellevue is changing so much in such a short amount of time, but that’s it’s appeal. I would spend so much time @ Tully’s on the weekends when I lived @ Masin’s on Main. Back when there was a Masin’s on Main, LOL. It was part of my sunday morning football prep. Too bad.

  2. Really a BUMMER loved Tully’s !!

  3. The only Bellevue coffeeshop that was not a Starbuckies. Very sad. And now no local funky coffeeshops. We need more like Portland has.

  4. Sorry to hear this news. FYI, we do have Woods Coffee in Bellevue square as well as 3rd Culture and TLatte on the area. Hope we get a new replacement for Tullys.

  5. @Jeanie, check out Cafe Cesura on the north end of downtown. It’s fantastic! Honor Coffee opened recently near the Elements building as well.

  6. Tully’s was a good brand, but it looks like it was just poor management. It’s rival, Starbucks, is still in-business.