VIVO 53, photo credit: Seattle Bites

According to signage posted on the door at VIVO 53, the restaurant is permanently closed.

VIVO 53 was a modern Italian restaurant that featured a variety of foods to choose from like antipasti, paninis, salads, pizzas and more. They were known for their artisanal pizza, 17-foot tall wood-burning oven and humongous sundaes that came in four different flavors. The eatery had an interactive atmosphere, with seating options at the counter, surrounding the pizza oven, charcuterie counter, dining room and 14-seat cocktail bar.

Their mission was to create food that was unique, with a focus on wood-fired pizza that had a perfect crust made from scratch. The Chef, Myles Gilkey, had worked with Ethan Stowell restaurants and had previously opened three other restaurant brands in Washington state. VIVO 53 chose Bellevue for its location due to the fast growing neighborhood and diverse population.

Their other location, which was located in Fort Worth, Texas, is also permanently closed. VIVO 53 opened at Bellevue Square in November 2015.


  1. They keep opening “cool” and expensive restaurants in Bellevue. They didn´t get that people go there just for a few weeks because people love to know what is new, and talk about it. But only competitive restaurants stay.

  2. Never went there, yet I live here in downtown Bellevue. Not a good sign / not a surprise that they closed.

  3. There are too many restaurants in bellevue.even with all the deep pockets
    Young hi tech crowd eating out everynight
    Its un sustainable and more will close

  4. MRFy, if you never went to Vivo 53 how are you not surprised it is closed? You actually missed out on amazing food.
    Hands down one of my very favorite restaurants. Can’t imagine why it didn’t survive. My friends and I are very upset that it closed it’s doors.

  5. Sorry to hear that, Hansen. Merely an observation that I didn’t hear much about it, didn’t ever see it promoted in meaningful (to me) ways, etc. We all have different experiences, and it takes some degree of volume to keep a restaurant open.

  6. I am so sad to see Vivo 53 go. My family and I have some fond memories there. They were always crowded. Can’t imagine why they are closing.

  7. I AM SO BUMMED!!!
    Our family LOVED Vivo and went there regularly. The food was AWESOME.
    Please come back Vivo!!!


  9. Why? It’s always busy since opening. Great food and atmosphere! So sad 🙁

  10. Vivo 53 became our family tradition of the place to celebrate many special occasions. We are saddened it closed with no notice. Wish it would reopen.

  11. We are so bummed. This place was awesome! Solid food, really fantastic cocktails, down to earth yet hip vibe, delish vegetable apps, the best garlic bread ever, over the top sundaes and easy place to bring kids along. My kids are also super bummed. It was busy all the time.

  12. Bummer for sure and we were just given a $200 gift card as a gift only to find out they closed and we can’t use it or get our $$ back.