Henry’s Tavern located on the third floor at Lincoln Square South, is now closed, according to an employee. Many of the locations in the Pacific Northwest are also closed, including South Lake Union, SoDo and Portland. The Denver and Portland Airport locations remain open.

Restaurants Unlimited filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2019 with more than $37.7 million in outstanding loans, $1.7 million in unpaid interest and $7.6 million due to vendors, according to documents filed. The company and its assets were planned to go up for auction, however, there was no interest. It was then bought by Landry’s for $37.2 million when the Houston-based restaurant owner won court approval. Landry’s also owns Morton’s The Steakhouse and Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

Henry’s Tavern in Bellevue opened in August of 2017, offering 80 beers on tap with 20 rotating options and food items like pizzas, salads, burgers, tacos and more. The bar featured an outdoor patio and shuffleboard tables.

Palomino, which was also under the Restaurants Unlimited Holding Corp., closed in June.

Updated 9-29-19: To reflect that the Portland Airport location is staying open. 


  1. You have several facts wrong in this article. The two most important are that one Henry’s location in Portland remains open in the airport, and that RUI is most definitely NOT the original owner of Henry’s. RUI purchased several popular Northwest brands, Henry’s being one, and ran them all into the ground with their poor management. Then they abandoned their loyal employees by selling everything to Landry’s, who promptly shut down many locations with one days notice and did not provide severance to any employees, including some that had been within their brand for 20 years.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. We have updated the article to reflect that the Portland Airport location is still open, as well as clarify that RUI wasn’t the original owner of Henry’s.

  3. Denver location is no longer ran by RUI as of 09/30/2019.

  4. Quedejunea Douglas

    I am one of the abandoned employees and we didnt get one day notice. They literally closed our store in the middle of dinner service. We had a restaurant full of people one minuet and the next minute we was throwing away perishable food. Im still hurt and shocked henrys tavern was my life.

  5. I also was an employee of Henry’s Tavern in Bellevue and I’m very disgusted with the way they closed us down. I hope that this company that bought out RUI. loses there ass and is forced to go out of business.

  6. Alexandra Garner

    I am saddened to hear about the closing of many of the Henry’s locations (downtown PDX was always on my “must visit” list whenever I’m in the PNW. Wishing all the best to the Henry’s employees who were shafted by the abrupt closure.