Pinnacle International Multi-Tower Project in Downtown Bellevue, Photo Credit: JYOM

Pinnacle International Development, a Canada-based developer known for condominium buildings, hotels and commercial space, is proposing a huge development near Bellevue Square. According to City of Bellevue documents, 12 towers up to 25 stories in height, located on two different lots, have been proposed.

The proposal totals 11 acres, with 1,519,220 square feet of development. This includes mixed-use residential, commercial retail, boutique hotel with amenities and underground parking.

The hotel will have 180 hotel rooms, the residential space will include 1,940 units, almost 300,000 square feet of retail space and over 3,000 underground parking stalls.

This development will have two Through-Block Pedestrian Connections on this property; one running east-west from 102nd Avenue Northeast to a future connection through the adjacent property to the west to 100th Avenue Northeast and one running north-south from Northeast 8th Street to Northeast 10th Street.

The addresses of the two lots are 10116 Northeast 8th Street and 10112 Northeast 10th Street. The property located on Northeast 10th is currently home to QFC and Bartell Drugs. According to public records, Pinnacle reportedly paid $145 million for the two properties.

Pinnacle Bellevue is working with JYOM of Vancouver, Canada, a global architecture firm.

Planning is in the early stages and dates of construction and completion have not yet been released.

Pinnacle International Multi-Tower Project in Downtown Bellevue, Photo Credit: JYOM


  1. Isn’t Bellevue reaching the point of saturation & over building….is anyone monitoring what is best for Bellevue as it is?

  2. Goodness!!! When will this end. First the Azteca and now our favorite QFC.

  3. I hope the City Council and the City zoning and traffic departments are involved. This development will have a major impact on traffic flow in the area.

  4. So happy I no longer live in Bellevue.

  5. There is not enough infrastructure downtown Bellevue to take all this. Traffic would become unbearable. Commuter train can’t take care of it all, people still drive cars. Let’s not allow to turn Bellevue into Seattle in terms of traffic and general congestion.

  6. Why are only Canadian condo developers developing in Bellevue? What is the incentive for them? Where are the American condo developers?

  7. Every US-based developer is bound to get sued in Washington with our condo liability laws. Canadian developers have shell corporations that have zero assets once the project is complete.

  8. Jenkins Fullover

    So, Bellevue residents will all have groceries delivered now, or crowd Safeway?

  9. There is old condo complex right next to that QFC- I believe it calls Bellevue Park. What happens to them?

  10. QFC has a 10 year lease so I believe it will become a part of the structure at the base of the building just like Safeway. And as far as the apartment complexes on the north and south lots they will be torn down and people will have to move. The city is getting a facelift, they won’t keep around old buildings that no longer fit into this makeover and as a designer I get it. Plus one other reason they are doing this is because Seattle has reached its limits and developers are now targeting Bellevue. Be open to change and the growing pains won’t be as bad!