BPD need your help identifying these suspects. Photo Credit: Bellevue Police

The Bellevue Police Department are asking for help in identifying suspects in the looting that occurred at Bartell Drugs. The incident occurred on May 31st at 1048 116th Avenue Northeast.

According to Bellevue Police, the owner of the jewelry store was standing in front to protect his store as looters showed up, one with a hammer in hand. A suspect then threatened the owner saying, “you want bullets, we got bullets.” Two of the suspects flashed guns in their waistbands. All of the looters later smashed the door in, entered the store, stole items, and fled the scene.

Two of the vehicles that were at the scene of the crime drove to Bartell Drugs in Bellevue afterward and burglarized that store as well.

Detectives need help identifying the man the red sweatshirt and the man in the black jacket seen breaking into the Bartell store after burglarizing Marci Jewelry.

The suspects were seen driving a silver Hyundai with damage on the rear passenger side of the vehicle.

If you know any of these suspects or have information, please call Bellevue Police at 425-577-5656.


  1. I thought we are not suppose to call police on black people. #blacklivesmatter

  2. I saw a car driving south bound this morning on I-405 (Monday morning 8/3 around 8:15 AM) similar to this. I was driving right behind him and it was a Hyundai Elantra with no plates – It was similar to the color in the picture but I thought it was as bit darker, it could be the angle or the light (it was definitely grey though). Around the I-405 / 520 interchange, myself and the car in front drove right passed a Bellevue Police officer (we were on the far left lane and the police car was in the middle lane) where I gave him enough room to merge in as I thought it would be obvious that he would pull a car over with no plates. We weren’t necessarily going fast either as there was some traffic. Nothing happened and the police either didn’t care or didn’t notice. And we all went on our merry way.