Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s

Molly Moon’s new Bellevue flagship ice cream shop is now open. It is located at 70 102nd Avenue Northeast.

The scoop shop is featuring all of their traditional flavors like melted chocolate, salted caramel and scout mint, as well as seasonal flavors like vegan cherry chunk, pink lemonade sorbet and wild honey. Customers can view the ice-cream process, from churning ice-cream and cooking down caramel sauce, to rolling waffle cones and baking brownies.

The first 100 kids that visit the new spot will receive free scoops. Participants need to be ages 12 and under. Molly Moon’s will be donating 10% of today’s sales to the Bellevue Boys and Girls Club.

The flagship store is located at the bottom of the apartment building, Park 88, and is across the street from the Downtown Bellevue Park. This is their biggest location to-date.

They are open from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., daily.

Molly Moon’s opened their first Bellevue location in July 2019 on Northeast 1st Street. The ice-creamery is a walk-up shop that also features their full menu. It will remain open.

Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s
Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s
Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s
Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s
Photo Credit: Molly Moon’s


  1. Boycott Molly Moon’s. Molly Moon is anti-police and supports defunding.

  2. Finally ice cream in downtown! Who ever heard of a city with no ice cream. Maybe their mind will change with the police when their store is vandalized and the crime is followed up with social workers.

  3. Support Molly Moon’s! They work hard to pay a living wage to their employees and support a number of local charities.

  4. Sadly can’t support this anti police shop. Not sure why the local ice cream joint needs to make a political statement but mine will be made with where I spend my money.

  5. Her KUOW interview statement on current policing is in support of “reform”. Many of her employees are POC and were harassed when trying to get to their capital hill store. Her civil rights stance is strong, as is her employee first biz model. ?

  6. Won’t support this place until they show respect and support for law enforcement. Hope they fail…

  7. I will not support Molly Moon’s until they support our men & women in blue. Their postings, including FB and window signs make it clear to me that they don’t support our local law enforcement. The owner is in favor of ‘defunding’ and will not allow guns in their shops. That is two strikes against our police.
    They should have confined their business to Capitol Hill.
    A message to the owner….if you have any unfortunate incident that requires a police response ( I truly hope you don’t ) the Bellevue Police would be there for you and your employees.

  8. Jacqueline Daily

    No support from me when I visit Portland. Discrimination!