Wilburton Eastrail Trail
Wilburton Eastrail Trail, Credit: City of Bellevue

The City of Bellevue is partnering with King County Parks and Sound Transit to develop a plan for the portion of the Eastrail trail that runs from Southeast 5th Street to Northeast 12th Street in Wilburton. It will eventually connect Eastside cities from Renton all the way to Woodinville and Snohomish County.

According to the City of Bellevue, the Eastrail has the potential to be much more than a trail, which is why they want to hear from community members. In 2018, the Wilburton Commercial Area Citizen Advisory Committee presented recommendations to the City Council that have the Eastrail trail as a signature public space that attracts people not just for the purpose of commuting. Some ideas were that there would be art, nature, and retail, as well as community events along the route.

The goals of this discussion are to understand what the community would like to see in this space, how the trail can integrate with surrounding businesses, and how the trail can be a welcoming space for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

The Wilburton Eastrail Survey focuses on the part of the trail that will run through the mixed-use neighborhood. There will be multi-family housing, office space, retail, and entertainment. The Eastrail will create opportunities in this neighborhood to enjoy green space, meet with friends, family, and get to work.

The City of Bellevue wants to learn more about the types of features and amenities that people would like to see along the trail. They want to also better understand how to make sure the trail is safe, comfortable, and inclusive for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

If you would like to take the survey, visit the link.

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