Washington Square Expansion

Real estate investment and development firm, Fana Group of Companies, recently filed for Master Development Plan approval with the City of Bellevue. The proposed project, slated for 10620 Northeast 8th Street, marks an important step in the Washington Square expansion.

The project entails a two-phase development strategy. Phase 1 is includes a nine-story mixed-use office space, complemented by site enhancements, all slated for the north half of the project. Phase 2 includes the construction of a 27-story mixed-use residential complex.

Nestled within the confines of Northeast 9th Place to the north and east, Northeast 8th Street to the south, and 106th Avenue Northeast to the west, the development site boasts a prime location, strategically positioned to maximize accessibility and convenience.

The office building in Phase 1 will be developed by SCD 106th NE LLC, which is associated with Skanska, and the residential building will be developed by Fana Group of Companies.

With each phase of the project spanning 66,035 square feet, the latest plan builds upon a previously submitted Master Development Plan in 2020, which initially envisioned an office tower and hotel. However, subsequent revisions have led to a different approach of two distinct phases.

The Washington Square Expansion project is nestled in close proximity to the residential towers of Washington Square. Public transit options mere steps away, along with downtown amenities.

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