According to a Master Development Plan submitted to the City of Bellevue, the previous plan for the Washington Square Expansion, including an office tower and hotel has been canceled and now reconfigured. Instead, a smaller project has been planned with a 2-phase mixed-use project.

The project, which spans about 1.8 acres, includes a 20-story office tower with ground floor active use space above underground parking on the Southern portion of the site. The northern portion of the site proposes to include an 8-story hotel inclusive of 210 rooms with ground floor active use space above underground parking.

Three possible scenarios have been proposed for building the hotel and office tower. These include the hotel and office being built simultaneously, the hotel being built first, followed by the office, or the office being built first and then the hotel. In the application, West77 Partners referred to the plan as the hotel being a part of phase 1 and the office building being a part of phase 2.

The site lies at the northeast corner off the intersection of Northeast 8th Street and 106th Avenue Northeast. Within this Superblock are the two Washington Square Residential Towers, the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel, the Bellevue Office Tower and more. The address is 10620 Northeast 8th Street.

The project originally included phase one designated to the hotel and phase 2 designated to the office tower, set on 1.52 acres. The original plan was slated to begin construction in the winter of 2020/21.

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