Bellevue Arts Museum
Photo Credit: Bellevue Arts Museum

The Bellevue Arts Museum is asking the community for help as they are experiencing financial hardship. The art institution dates back to 1947 and has a longstanding commitment to providing exceptional exhibitions, cross-cultural programming, and events, including the Bellevue Arts Fair.

The museum is finding itself in a state of financial crisis as it has been negatively affected by revenue losses and drops in attendance, fundraising, and retail sales since the end of the pandemic. Until attendance and fundraising fully return to pre-pandemic levels, it is critical for the community to play a role in closing the gap.

According to BAM’s press release, the museum is taking a long-term view of delivering upon their mission to create and sustain an environment that supports freedom of artistic expression and invites and embraces diverse and wide-ranging perspectives. The board recently appointed Kate Casprowiak Scher as Executive Director, who is willing to navigate the institution through the financial crisis.

“As we navigate these challenging times the Bellevue Arts Museum remains steadfast in our dedication to serving the community,” said Jay Pathy, Board Chairman of BAM. “We have a long history of bringing creativity and inspiration to the people of Bellevue and the Eastside and now, we call upon our community to stand with us. Together, we can ensure BAM continues to thrive as a beacon of culture, education and community engagement for generations to come.”

Community support is critical to ensuring the museum will continue to enrich lives through art and education. BAM is hoping to raise $300,000. To donate or to learn more, visit the website.


  1. How come?? Every weekend all surrounding businesses are full! The foot traffic on the sidewalks all around that area is a dream for many. They became too woke and boring and no one is going to stand up for that. Stop blaming the pandemic for everything.

  2. Boring! Ever since they moved to this new museum from Bellevue Square and sold off their collections, there has been no reason to attend.

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