Grand Connection Crossing, City of Bellevue
Grand Connection Crossing, City of Bellevue

As the City of Bellevue progresses with the design of the Grand Connection Crossing, an online open house is available now through March 18th for community input. The Grand Connection is a series of connected spaces and people-focused experiences from downtown Bellevue to Eastrail and the Wilburton neighborhood.

The next element of the Grand Connection is crossing over I-405. The Grand Connection Crossing will link downtown Bellevue to the Eastrail and Wilburton for people traveling without a car. This crossing will also be compatible with a future lid park over I-405, which is a long-range vision included in the city’s Grand Connection Framework Plan.

The transportation crossing will create more opportunities for events, recreation, and economic development. The city is asking the community to take the survey, which is one of three opportunities to share input that will inform the preliminary design.

The Grand Connection is 1.5 miles of interconnected public and pedestrian-focused spaces beginning at Meydenbauer Bay Park and continuing east through downtown Bellevue across I-405 to the Eastrail. It is planned to be a place where people who live, work, and spend time in Bellevue can walk, bike, relax, eat, and shop together. It will also enhance Bellevue’s livability, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Once the online open house is closed, the city will report back and share how the community’s feedback is being considered and addressed in the design. It will be shared at an in-person open house in April or May 2024.

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