FLO Restaurant and Sake Bar
FLO Restaurant and Sake Bar

In recent news, FLO Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar, situated at 1150 106th Avenue Northeast in Downtown Bellevue, has transitioned to new ownership. Jia and Steve, who first opened FLO in 2003, bid a heartfelt farewell to their patrons via an Instagram post.

In their message, the owners expressed a mix of emotions as they closed a chapter of 21 years. They conveyed deep appreciation for the support and memories shared by their loyal customers, regretting not having the chance to personally say goodbye to each individual. The message also extended gratitude to its customers and employees, emphasizing the familial bond cultivated over the years.

“It is with a mix of emotions that we bid you farewell from FLO Japanese Restaurant. For 21 remarkable years, our doors have been open, our tables set, and our hearts filled with gratitude for the privilege of serving you. We want to express our deepest appreciation for your unwavering support and memories. We wish we had the opportunity to personally say our goodbyes to each of you. Please know that your presence, laughter, and loyalty have left an indelible mark on our hearts. We carry your faces, your stories, and your warmth with us as we move forward.”

“At FLO, you were more than customers; you were family. From the warm smiles that greeted you at the entrance to the crafted dishes that graced your tables, we strived to create an atmosphere of genuine hospitality. Our walls echoed with your stories, we witnessed the circle of life, children growing up and countless celebrations. Your laughter, celebrations, and quiet moments became part of our restaurant’s soul. To our staff, past and present, who poured their dedication into every dish and every interaction and to the community that welcomed us, supported us, and made FLO Japanese Restaurant a part of their lives, thank you.”

Despite the change in ownership, the restaurant will retain its original name, FLO. The previous owners hinted at future endeavors, promising to return with a new venture in the future.

Known for its fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with a Pacific Northwest flair, FLO offers an array of sushi, sashimi, and nigiri platters alongside inventive appetizers and rolls such as cured salmon tostadas with jalapeño jam. The restaurant’s omakase menu complements its diverse sake selection.


  1. Kara, thank you for your article and appreciate you helping us spread our gratitude to all our guests in Bellevue!
    After some rest we will be in contact again with our new venture in Bellevue.

  2. We wish you well and happy times. Thank you for the many wonderul meals and memories.

    Lynn and Patty Caldwell

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