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Matcha Magin on Main Street in Bellevue

New Matcha Cafe to Open on Main Street in Bellevue

A new matcha cafe is opening in Downtown Bellevue. Matcha Magic on Main Street in Old Bellevue is coming soon where Jujubeet was previously located. The address is 10246 Main Street. According to their website, Matcha Magic wants the community to not only reap the benefits of matcha, but also, […]

Jujubeet Cafe

Jujubeet Cafe to Close all Locations

According to a social media post by Jujubeet Cafe, they will be closing their locations for good. They had three locations, two in Bellevue and one in Seattle. The Bellevue locations were on Main Street and Northeast 9th Street, and the Seattle location was in Pioneer Square. Jujubeet was an […]

Jujubeet Cafe to Host Yoga Class at Bellevue Park Beginning in June

Jujubeet Cafe is featuring a 2021 Summer Integrated Wellness Series, that includes yoga at the Bellevue Downtown Park. The class is free of charge and open to all. No registration is required. According to the organic juicer and cafe, their cleanse programs are best assimilated in the body when paired […]