If you haven’t stopped by the new CeFiore frozen yogurt joint yet, now’s your time to do it. Not only are we having great weather this month, but CeFiore is kicking off their Downtown Bellevue presence with a steller promotion! Now through the end of September, treating yourself at CeFiore will get you a free burrito at Chipotle on 105th.

1. Buy a treat at the CeFiore on 10435 NE 4th St.

2. Take your receipt to Chipotle on NE 4th St. & 105 Ave. NE on the same day.

3. And get a FREE BURRITO (or burrito bowl, tacos, or salad)!

This special promotion ends on 9/30/2008.

UPDATE: We have been told this promotion has been ended early as of 9/14


  1. Ice Cream and Chipotle? What could be better?!

  2. Well, that’s got to be 1500 calories right there.

  3. yes, and well worth it!!!

  4. This was well worth it, I think I will actually visit that yogurt shop quite often now.

  5. Got this deal last night, and there was 5 people behind me doing the same.

    Chipotle is so crazy busy it makes me wonder why the did this promo…

  6. I don’t think it was Chiptole that instigated this deal, since they had no advertisement about the yogurt place in their store. On the other hand, Yogurt owner must have known how much traffic it will create by offering free Chiptole.

  7. they’re owned by Todai so i guess they know what they are doing

  8. Please update this. Owner apparantely ended the promotion prematurely.

  9. FYI – the free burrito deal is DONE, as of Sept. 14th. SAD!