Caffe Ladro is now open at Tower 333, where the soon to be home of Expedia’s corporate headquarters will be located. The espresso bar and bakery are open Monday – Friday 5am – 7pm.

Caffe Ladro is known for their “100% fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee.”

One floor below Caffe Ladro, there are 2 signs up announcing the soon to come Tangerine Thai restaurant.


  1. There will soon be as many Thai restaurants than Starbucks between 4th and 8th up 108th (3 of each)

  2. cafe ladro OR top pot? which is better?

  3. People used to say, "Oh, another Thai restaurant" but have you noticed in down town Bellevue there will only really be three (King & I, Tangerine, Chantanee). I guess you could add Wild Ginger but that's more pan asian.

    There will be more high end Steakhouses in Bellevue than Thai restaurants soon.

    "Oh, another high end steakhouse".

  4. Cafe Ladro has great coffee and bad pastries. I asked the Queen Anne store where they got their scones. They bake them in their own bakery, and they are just not very good. The pastries at Panerra Bread are x10 better.

    I tried Top Pot the other day. The space was too “cold” for my liking. Not inviting. Donuts where not fresh (from the morning I guess) so can’t say I’d be back there, but I’m no Homer Simpson.

  5. $5 to park for a $3 cup of coffee…!

  6. Can’t wait for Tangerine to open!!! Not a good Thai place around after Chaiyo closed.