Dear Lea,
I used to go to Manzana all the time for breakfast, but since it closed I just haven’t gone anywhere else. There are so many new restaurants now. Where would you recommend going for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday?
– Egg Eater

Dear “Egg Eater,”

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than having someone else cook it for me on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Downtown Bellevue has a lot of great places that serve breakfast now. From quick bites to the full meal deal, here are some places to check out:


Gilbert’s Main Street Bagel Deli – The best bagels on this side of Washington. Gilbert’s has delicious egg dishes, pancakes, and of course a variety of bagels. The portions are large and easy to split between 2 people. My personal favorite is the L.H.L.!

Palomino – Something for everyone. From a classic eggs Benedict to a breakfast panini or bowl of oatmeal, Palomino is a great place for family breakfast. I would definitely recommend it for a special occasion.

520 Bar & Grill – Simple and easy. Breakfast at 520 Bar & Grill is from 10am – 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Each item is only $10. They offer burritos, omelets, and waffles.

Z’Tejas – The most unique breakfast around. Z’Tejas is one of my favorite breakfast places, and I didn’t even know they offered breakfast until recently! Their menu features items such as “Bananas Foster French Toast” and “Breakfast Enchiladas.”  All breakfast orders come with a freshly baked muffin, sorbet, and fruit.

0/8 Seafood Grill – Good atmosphere, great food. 0/8 has breakfast and brunch on the weekends. Enjoy a casual breakfast of eggs and toast or a full meal deal, complete with sandwiches, salads, and mimosas.

Reinstate your weekend breakfast routine, and take advantage of the fantastic food at any one of these restaurants. I’d love to hear about your favorite dishes or things you think we should try!

Ending your breakfast fast,


  1. I second this, LHL all the way…if you haven’t had it, you need to!

  2. Those are a lot of great options. Guess it’s not quite downtown, but four generations of Kennedy’s have been going to Chace’s Pancake Corral, but you better get their early on the weekend or you’ll be waiting in line.

  3. Joe…I’m just not a fan of Chace’s. I know I should be, it has great heritage and roots in Bellevue, but the portions or too small, and food tastes bland to me.

    My two favorites are Gilbert’s and 520 Bar & Grill!

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that this blog neglected to mention Chase’s. It’s not in “Kemper’s Corner.”

  5. Chaces is like Mom’s kitchen. You get homestyle cookin’. I love the place. There is also The Brief Encounter in North Bellevue and Lil Jon’s in Eastgate for a no nonsense breakfast and stiff bloody mary.

  6. Every weekend I drive to Seattle for brunch because the when it comes to brunch, Bellevue just plain blows.

    The only exception is Pomegranate in Redmond. Gilberts is ok but it is very expensive for the quality of food you get, and I really dislike the seat yourself style.

    Chace’s might be an institution but it’s really not much better than a Denny’s.

  7. I have to say that I hate Chase’s. The only time I ever ate there, there was fuzz in my water and my pancakes were soggy. I won’t ever go back.

    The Brief Encounter is a much better alternative! It’s on Bellevue Way, north of the mall, down past Chevron in the QFC shopping plaza.

  8. Gilberts on Main is not a good place to eat. It’s appearance seems charming at first but their coffee tastes like grass and their portions are tiny. I would head to Kirkland if you want a good breakfast..the options there are way more promising.

  9. I actually like Denny’s but whateva.

  10. Newport anyone? Great eggs Benedict and a buffet that brings back childhood memories.

  11. I thought I heard that 520 Bar & Grill closed up? There is supposedly a FOR LEASE sign on the building now. Rumor or truth?

  12. Thx Lea! I had no idea that 520 Bar& Grill as well as Palomino has breakfast!!!!

  13. 520 Bar & Grill is open…the cabinet & woodworking place next door moved across the street.

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