bellevue_park_hotelEssex on the Park is out, and a new boutique hotel is in.  Likely due to the stiff competition in the luxury condominium space, Essex On The Park will no longer pursue the planned complex.  Abu Dhabi-based Hydra Developments has decided to build a 75,000 sq.-ft. boutique hotel with 100 guestrooms, 4,500 sq. ft. of meeting space, a spa, and a 4-star restaurant.  The hotel will be named Bellevue Park Hotel and is planned to open in 2012 across from Bellevue Downtown Park. The planned hotel would be managed by MTM Luxury Lodging, which manages successful hotels in the area such as Hotel 1000, Willows Lodge, Woodmark Hotel, and Sorrento Hotel.

In the current struggling real estate market, this seems to be a smart move for the developers.  Essex On The Park, besides having generous square footage, seemed to blend in with the many new condominim complexes that have come or are shortly coming to the market.


  1. This is a good news if you’re Bellevue Towers, The Bravern, Washington Square, and especially One Main St!

    This was probably a tough decision I’m sure was a difficult one, but in the long run I think it was an appropriate one. I look forward to see more concepting on what the hotel may look like.

  2. I may be wrong, but I believe it was probably a very easy decision dictated by lack of available financing. As I remember, they were trying to get large down payments on the condos that are now not going to be built.

    Perhaps it will be easier to get hotel financing?

  3. The first render of Essex was fantastic, the second was blah.

    I think we have plenty of hotels in DT, but this quiet location next to the park would be pretty great for my parents to stay at when the come visit…

  4. Is this hotel still going to be built? Did Hydra buy the property from Wallace Properties? Trying to pinpoint the site. How is Hydra financed – in the U.S. or foreign monies.

  5. Does anyone know where and when one could apply for employment at the bellevue park hotel?
    Cookie wright

  6. cookie, unfortunately the bellevue park hotel has been indefintely shelved by the developer.