Downtown Bellevue has had an influx of new stores within the last 2 years, but there are still many desirable stores that have not yet made the leap to Bellevue yet.

There are several retail stores that sell home furnishings in Downtown Bellevue such as Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Thomasville, but there are still a couple of good retailers missing. West Elm and CB2 are our most desired stores in this category. On a trip I took last year to West Elm in Portland, the store manager mentioned that Bellevue was slated to get a store soon. One year later and unfortunately we are still without one.

Bellevue has its fair share of department stores, but could always use more, right?? Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf would be a nice fit!  Some ladies I know would also like a Juicy Couture. Also, many of us are counting down the days that JC Penny moves out of Bellevue Square and is replaced by the rumored Saks Fifth Avenue.

In previous articles we’ve mentioned great fits for Bellevue such as Dean & Deluca and Zara.

What stores would you like see come to Bellevue?  Sound off in the comments section below.

Bring Stores to Bellevue


  1. I would like to see Bloomingdales as an anchor store in Bellevue Square.

  2. Zara, H&M and Trader Joe’s!

  3. I’d love a Zara here! 🙂

  4. Trader Joe’s, Dolce and Gabbana or D&G, a Luis Vuitton store that sells men’s apparel, DIESEL, and why not Balmain for all these women who love to spend. We can only ask Santa, right? 🙂

  5. I also thought an ESPN Zone would fit in nicely for all of those businessmen and women who want a burger and a little fun after work. I wrote to them some time ago about the need for one in Bellevue… no response.

  6. Love the Post Michael!! 🙂 hehehe
    I want a Coffee Bean here. Elm is good too! Bergdorf? Nah. Bloomies? Nah. Saks? Nah. Bergdorf is THE department store of America with the highest end designers. Bloomies is just like NM and Saks is kinda like Nordstrom. I don’t think NM is doing well enough for these Dept stores to plant themselves here, YET.
    Zara for sure. for life. amen.

  7. Bellevue needs a real coffee shop. The likes of Vivace, Zoka, Stumptown or Caffe Vita. Zoka has proved it can be done on the eastside, their store in Kirkland fits in perfectly and the coffee is nothing short of spectacular

  8. Bring Zara! I’ll agree w/ Keith about the coffee shop idea too. I cant deal w/ the dt lodge sb closing at 10pm? c’mon

  9. West Elm, CB2, Dean & Deluca, Zoka, Bloomingdales, Apple Flagship Store, Barney’s, So agree with a Coffee Bean as well.

  10. West Elm, CB2, Dean & Deluca, Zoka, Bloomingdales, Apple Flagship Store, Barney’s, So agree with a Coffee Bean as well.
    Mimi’s and Serendipity, for new and different places to eat.

  11. I would love to see: C&B2, Saks in Bellevue Square, ZARA, Prada, Dior, and a Calvin Kine would be nice. Does anyone know when the Bellevue Square “Luxury Wing” is supposed to break ground?

  12. american apparel and urban outfitters would do well in downtown bellevue

    if top shop, muji, and uniqlo did big US expansions those would be great to see

    hann, zenga, juicy, french connection, madewell (J crew offshoot), cavali, max mara, charles david, caroline herrera, marc jacobs, vilebrequin, beneton, calyspo, tommy bahama, and we the free would all be nice additions, but I don’t know if the market could support them all.

    restoration hardware and william sonoma home would be good additions for home furnishings (in addition to west elm and CB2…I really can’t believe there is no West Elm in all of Washington state yet!)

    The bravern seems to be lacking a Jewelry store, having a Bulgari or DeBeers store would be amazing (but highly unlikely I would imagine), I think the Spanish jewelry store Tous would be a good fit.

    And I thought for sure a Polo store would open at the Bravern, maybe they are waiting for the Bellevue Square addition, or maybe they don’t have enough confidence in the Seattle market after the Rugby store closed in U Village.

    And does anyone know if they are going to open up a microsoft store in Bellevue?

  13. cole hann that is

  14. Club Monaco, ZARA, American Apparel….

  15. I would love to see a Garage.

  16. Too bad that Penney’s is closing. That will leave Bellevue Square without an anchor store on the moderate end of the price range.

  17. Apple Superstore / Barneys / REI / Rizzoli Books / DWR / CB2 / West Elm / Vivace Coffee / Islands Restaurant / Mimi’s / Wolfgang Pucks / Bobby Flay Mesa Restsurant / Nike Superstore / Ivars Plankhouse / The Museum Store

  18. Dean & Deluca / Jhane Barnes / Kova Coffee

  19. Club Monaco, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Zara, Dilletante or Dean & Deluca….West Elm would be AWESOME.

  20. While I would not miss JCPenny’s, I do think that a more moderate price department store would be good. JCPenny’s has really gone downhill though.

  21. JCPenny’s is ugly inside and out…does not fit with the malls image. Move it to Crossroads or Factoria

  22. Dollar Store anyone?!?

  23. Trader Joe’s!!!!!!!

  24. Trader Joes!!!!!



  25. Coffee Bean and Burke Williams spa from Los Angeles!! We need a good day spa in Bellevue.

  26. I’d like to see the Overlake Service League given more space at Bellevue Square. They do good in the community. And it would be a place for everyone to take the items they’re tired of after shopping in all the stores mentioned above.

  27. Also, plus-size stores. Now that Lane Bryant moved out of Bellevue Square there is nothing in Downtown Bellevue for average sized people.

  28. The only reason I leave DT is for Costco, Target and REI. any coming here would be fantastic – I am looking at you Target

  29. Target, Trader Joe’s, Restoration Hardware, and Cole Haan.

  30. Hard Rock restaurant!!

  31. I would love to have a topshop!! also a trader joes, h&m, dean and deluca would be amazing!! Plus I’m always ok with more restaurants….

  32. I would love to see more competition in the book industry! There is only one bookstore downtown, it’d be great to see another!

  33. A children’s museum downtown would be COOL too!

  34. I think its high time that downtown gets a good vegan restaurant.

  35. I would love to see a bloomingdales in place of where jcpennys is. would also like to see zara!

  36. Neiman Marcus operates Bergdorf Goodman and certainly will not open a branch location (which they tried in the 1970s and ended up converting to a Neiman Marcus). Bloomingdale’s has been looking for an appropriate spot for years (the Pacific NW and Texas are the last two major markets Bloomingdale’s has not entered), but to no avail apparently. It would be nice, though. As for Saks, after the deal fell apart at Bellevue Square in the early 1990s, nothing serious had been reported, has it?

  37. How about Saks Fifth Avenue, and In & Out.
    Ahh– In & Out can be here?!

  38. I agree that we need a Trader Joe’s. Bed, Bath & Beyond would be nice too.

  39. How about a sports arena capable of hosting an NBA team?! That will truly put Bellevue “on the map.”