Dean & Deluca BellevueOkay, everybody knows that The Bravern needs a coffee shop, and we can rest assured that the people over at The Bravern have heard us loud and clear! They are working on hopefully securing a tenant for spring 2010.

The Bravern is a place to indulge oneself with luxury goods and services.  With a few retail locations available for occupancy, there’s an opportunity to continue to enhance the offerings at The Bravern.

Dean & Deluca is an intimate, upscale chain of grocery stores primarily based out of the East Coast. The stores offer the highest quality meats, cheeses, exotic fruits and vegetables, oil and vinegars, freshly baked bread, coffee, and more. Having a small grocery store such as this would allow for a more dynamic set of offerings at The Bravern.

Dean & Deluca would be a fantastic addition to an already good lineup and offer yet another way to indulge oneself at The Bravern.


  1. Oh, I am sooooo with you on this one, Michael. What a fantastic addition that would be for DTB. And a nice complement to the Sur la Table. You think it’s a possibility?

  2. Even tho i miss dean & deluca esp the one in soho, i would rather have the COFFEe BEAN!! hehe

  3. Absolutely an amazing idea. Dean and Deluca would add to the “feeling of belonging” that Schnitzer West stands so firmly behind. I’ve gotta say that I would highly doubt a displeased customer if D&D were to join the ranks. I really enjoyed the Napa store… 🙁

  4. Yum, I agree. And for the people living close by, or in the residential tower, what a fun treat that would be to pick up a nice bottle of wine and some gourmet goodies before heading home.

  5. I would love the chance to shop and have a cup of coffee at D&D! What a treat that would be!!!

  6. Well, I hear they’re talking, and it’s a long shot. But you know, there are several long shots they brought home to the Bravern, so I’m holding out hope!

  7. What a great idea ! I would drive from Redmond .. daily if possible! and it would bring more customers to the Bravern.

  8. YESS where can I sign up?! I heart Dean & Deluca!!! It’s a plus especially for the residents at the Bravern too. Don’t have to drive/walk far to Safeway or Whole Foods.

  9. Please please sign up D&D! Just had the pleasure of a visit to their store in Napa and thought that we could really, really use one here in the Seattle area.

  10. Absolutely agreed! I will be there everyday!

  11. I would be there every day – – the perfect compliment to the other high-end stores, shops, restaurants and gym in The Bravern!