Bellevue Square Starbucks

Starbucks is now open on the 2nd floor at Bellevue Square, which replaces Seattle’s Best Coffee.  As previously mentioned this will be the 11th Downtown Bellevue Starbucks and 2nd at The Bellevue Collection.


  1. I hope they do a better job than the one at the Lodge. I am very unatisfied with the service I get at the Sbux Lodge, probably a victim of their success. They totally ignore me when I ask for a latte with extra foam and provide me one with little or no foam. I usually go out of my way to get my latte at another Sbux whenever I am at the mall.

  2. It looks gross

  3. LOL (to LD’s comment). My boyfriend always tips for my water and MANY times theyve forgotten to give it to me 🙁 so sad… so i don’t disagree with uuu

  4. no seating? Does not seem very inviting

  5. A Starbucks! Awesome! Can’t find this coffee anywhere. So glad to get another choice.

  6. @KD – There is plenty of seating to the right side of the picture, it’s just not a part of starbucks. However, I don’t think that the Seattle’s Best had seating either. This Starbucks is probably more for the shopper who wants to walk around the mall with their coffee.