Gentleman's Club BellevueAlmost 2 years since the old Safeway location was abandoned, investors from the AFD Group have bought the property for $50 Million and have plans to build a Gentleman’s Club at the location.

A spokesperson for AFD Group said in their release, “A Gentleman’s Club will offer another great entertainment option catering to Bellevue. The Gentleman’s Club will be complete with a bar and adjoining restaurant.”

To comply with Bellevue City Law the Gentleman’s Club will not be open 24 hours a day; their hours will be 6am – 2am daily.

Construction will begin as early as Summer 2010 and is scheduled to be complete by Spring 2011. A name for the club has not yet been released.

For building plans and more details, see AFD Group’s website here.


  1. are you kidding me? what kind of douche bag is allowing this to happen? a gentleman’s club, along with a packed and over flowing Parlor and Lucky Strike ‘scene’ is just not what I envision Bellevue to be. This is not good ‘long term’ thinking. Is this Kemper Freeman? did he sell the property to these guys? This is just garbage. There’s going to be a heavy element of cesspool sketchiness to downtown Bellevue now. What crap.

  2. look at the date and click the link, bellside

  3. we can only wish, maybe in 50 years…

  4. HAHA I was wondering what you guys were going to do this year. I really liked the Bellevue Park Condo idea last year!

    You guys are great!!


  6. Well played, well played my friend. haha

  7. I wonder how many angry calls the city of Bellevue is getting today :0)

  8. thanks, nate for pointing out the date! I was quite shocked at this story and extra pissed at the term “gentlemen’s club”

    Usually these stories are a little more outrageous in the silly sense and not in the button-pushing sense

  9. Yeah, I could say I was playing a ‘reversed’ april fools joke on you…but no. I was fooled. Thank goodness.

  10. I am sure Kemper loved this one! Cheers!

  11. I like the shoes.

  12. Elements resident

    LOL…nice April fools joke 🙂

  13. I totally agree with all you said.
    This is absolutely horrible.
    This trash needs to be taken out to the dump!